Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wild Child!

What an eventful weekend we have had!
At work a few weeks ago, we all decided to go to the Chattanooga Mocs' homecoming game together. It's unusual for us to have a chance to all get together and do something, so we jumped at the opportunity.
Bo and I arranged to tailgate before everything got started. By the time everyone came out to meet us, we had all of the hamburgers and hot dogs ready to go!
Bo's wife and parents joined us and Caleb just fell absolutely in love with Bo's mom!
He snuggled all up to her and kissed her all over her face!
It was absolutely hilarious because this was the first time he's ever been really affectionate.

The Mocs did win their football game!

Before Ryan and I took Caleb to his first football game, we decided to visit the zoo.
I think the pictures can speak for the weekend:

Mommy and Caleb before going to the zoo....

One happy baby!

Gotta play with all the toys!

Very energetic parents....

Daddy showed Caleb the little tamarin monkeys!
These cute things were hyper!

Caleb got to see Hank.
This monkey was born in the 70's.

Caleb picked out a giraffe to take home with Daddy's help.

He was so excited to have something cuddly!

We went to see the Chattanooga Mocs' football team.
This was Caleb's first football game!
We got to watch the game with Darrell, Amber, Zac, Arty, DiAnn, James, Bob, Aaron, and Christine!

Arty and Darrell had Caleb all excited about football!
Caleb had to love on his Uncle Darrell!

He only lasted until halftime! He slept through Arty, Darrell, and Daddy's screaming....

Sunday morning he woke up so happy and loved on his giraffe!

He just couldn't wait to show Pappy and Nana his new animal!

Caleb had an awesome weekend!

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