Monday, November 22, 2010


We've been missing in action this weekend. I have felt so crummy from a sinus infection and my boys have been under the weather too. This weekend I was so very thankful for my in-laws because they kept Caleb for us Friday evening and Saturday. I felt like I was in a Benadryl induced coma for about twenty-four hours, and it was soooo appreciated! On Saturday evening, Ryan brought Caleb home and we settled down to watch football. I can officially say that we have a walking child in our house. He hardly crawls now! It's like someone just flipped on a switch and he took off. It's such an amazing thing to witness.

Caleb also discovered that Daddy is a sucker when it comes to sharing pizza!
He honestly didn't like Mommy's veggie pizza....

I couldn't get him to sit still long enough to get his picture in front of the tree, but this was the best I could pull off!

We made a quick stop by Toys R Us and they're having a great deal right now....
If you happen to contribute to a toy drive in your area, you can get a stuffed teddy bear or puppy for $4.99 when you purchase $50 worth from the store. Just drop it off to a local toy drive or the conveniently located Toys For Tots bin in their store!
It's time to remember the little ones that may not get anything for Christmas. I know that many of us run around planning big things for our families and often forget to remember others. Sure, it's so easy to get wrapped up in holiday shopping, decorating, and cooking. It's completely human! Next time you pick up something for your angel this season, remember someone else's!
My grandfather had the opportunity to play Santa and hand out Christmas gifts to less fortunate children. He inspired so many to give back to the community and he taught me about a life I just never was exposed to. My parents always found a way to get us the gifts that our hearts longed for. I never understood that some kids just never got that opportunity until the year I helped fill gift bags for children in need. I was so young and I remember looking at an off brand Barbie thinking it wasn't much of a gift. My grandfather knelt down and explained that it was all that some of the children would get all year. From that point on my heart was changed. I have a huge drive to help people and this time of year is especially important to me. I feel so much joy in my heart and I want to share it with any person I come into contact with, directly and indirectly. I pray that the toys I donate this year inspire a child to believe in Santa, know that someone out there cares for their happiness, and preserves their young heart. You never know if the gift you give goes to a child who has lost both parents this year. Maybe they don't have to find out Santa isn't real all at one time either....

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