Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pictures and Randomness

Granny and I took Caleb for his one year pictures this morning. All I can say is thank Heavens it's over! Caleb decided to be cranky about half way through. Once he made up his mind to be done with it all, he was pretty stubborn about things! We should have some pictures online in the next day or so. Most of them are absolutely great! I can't wait to get some framed and in the living room.

Caleb has learned how to take his own socks off and he does it every chance he gets! We can put him in the carseat and by the time we get buckled in, those socks are thrown in the floor. We're going to have serious confrontations when it gets colder....

Granny has already started discussing our Christmas pictures this year. Caleb has the cutest outfit ever picked out for those!!!

Seriously, how cute is this???

He's going to look so grown up.
I would love to find a bigger version for Daddy, but I don't know if he'd let me dress him that preppy!
Ryan's fairly funny about his clothes. I think one day I may just throw everything out and start over.
He'd have a fit but then probably get over it!

I am so proud to say that Ryan and I have finally purchased Christmas stockings for our family! Since it has just been the two of us in the past we never really felt the need to buy stockings. This year is completely different! I want to have awesome traditions all three kids will enjoy and remember. Once they've been embroidered and are hung on the mantel, I'll take a picture! Last year I found five silver deer hangers for them and I just can't wait to see them hanging! Ryan promised we could drag Christmas stuff out on Saturday! I'm in such a Christmas spirit and cannot wait to share it with Caleb now that he can appreciate it. I want to enjoy the decorations a little longer this year!
Here's a picture of our tree in the past:

Just looking at it in anticipation makes me want to squeal with delight!

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