Monday, November 15, 2010

What A Birthday!

On Friday I decided to spend the day with Caleb. We picked up Aunt Tara and Zoey to go to the mall and play. This was the first time they got to play in the little play area at the mall!

That evening, we met at Chuck E Cheese for dinner.
Giggi, Nana, and Aunt Debbie all came....

Daddy took Caleb on some rides....

On Saturday, Caleb had his first birthday party!

Caleb just loved spending time with his cousin, Anna!
(I think she enjoyed it too!)

"Nana is here! Let's get this party started!"
Caleb loves his Uncle Brian and cousin, Zoey!

Caleb loved his birthday cupcake!
He loved it so much he even took Zoey's!
Then we had to clean the kids up!

Caleb got a little distracted while opening presents....

He enjoyed playing with balloons while we all cleaned up!

Caleb had such a great birthday! We got to celebrate with great friends and family! Giggi, Granddaddy, Nana, Uncle Brian, Aunt Tara, Zoey, Kathy and Garland, Connie and Ray, Amanda and Baby Nicholas, Amy, Anna, Aunt Dianne and Uncle Eddie all came out to help celebrate! Caleb is blessed to have such wonderful family who love him!


  1. I have to make a serious amount of comments on your blog VERY soon, but for now, can you just know that I gave you an award?! It's on our blog!!
    Have a great night :-)



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