Monday, December 6, 2010

Rock City Garden of Lights

This week is turning into a crazy busy one already! I have a feeling we'll be that way until January. My whole family was trying to find a time this week to take the babies to Rock City's Garden of Lights, but my mother-in-law made a good point....the weather looks like this for the week:

Um, butt ain't going anywhere outside in that kind of weather.
So, what's the big deal about this Rock City thing anyways???

Ryan and I have visited every year we've been together except last year. It's just a crucial part of our family Christmas tradition now.

How awesome is that?!!?

I have just dreamed of taking Caleb to see all of the lights...

This was us our very first Christmas together...

So, we have decided to wait it out and see if we can catch a warmer evening before Christmas.

I have almost finished all of my gift shopping. I am just super proud of myself on this one. I am such a procrastinator when it comes to figuring out what to give everyone. This year I am really with the program!

Ryan and I are calling in help for finishing the basement renovation. Neither one of us are making any progress with the drywall and with everything we have going on, I don't think we'll get it done in this century. I can do all the painting if someone will just mud and sand the rest. We've got a couple of guys coming to quote the job and I am praying we can get this all done before my stepkids come to town. It would give everyone so much more room to roam!

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