Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Very Merry, White Christmas

I have been away for a few days since the stepbabies are here and Ryan and I are taking our vacation. Bryce and Madison came in on the 23rd and it has been a whirlwind of activity since!

This week Caleb has got a lot of time to spend with Pop, Ryan's father.
This week was the first time they have met!
Ryan's father lives out west and hasn't been able to make it to Chattanooga for a few years.

After Caleb went to bed, we played around with the camera....

Awwww, I just love him!

On Christmas Eve, Madison and Bryce got a really nice surprise from Nana and Pappy:

Their very first big kid bikes!!!!!

We started a tradition of opening stockings on Christmas Eve this year.
The kids were so excited about everything we just couldn't make them wait it out!

Miss Madison was examining her new stuff....

Magically, Santa appeared with gifts during the night...
Here is Caleb's pile!

Bryce and Madison's gifts were left on the couch...

Santa was really good to us all this year!

"I really, really got a DS?!?!?!"
Bryce was so super excited about his awesome DS!
He has literally not put it down since!

When we looked outside, we realized we got a white Christmas this year!
This is the first time in my whole life I've had a white Christmas!

We went over to Mom and Dad's for Christmas breakfast and look who was waiting for us:

Is she not just the cutest thing ever???

The insanity of all the gifts at Mom and Dad's!
Yes, I got my Cricut cake decorating thingy!
I am so super excited and cannot wait to cut fondant!

All the kids checking out their new stuff with Aunt Tara...

We got about four inches of snow!!!!

Pop came over for some more presents and fun....

And Caleb really got interested in Bryce's DS!

This is part one of our crazy snowed in Christmas...More later!
The kiddies are calling!


  1. LOVE your pics! per the uje... :-)

    The one of all you guys in front of that gorgeous tree is my fav'! You look great and that tree is gorgeous! Can't wait 'til hubby can get us a big tree next year, instead of a Samantha-sized one from this year :-D

    OK, holidays are almost over...Time to schedule our date!

  2. Wendy! Looks like a great Christmas! Happy 2011!

  3. Wendy! Looks like a great Christmas! Happy 2011!



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