Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Joys of Girl's Night

My bestie, Jessica, and I finally had a chance to catch up yesterday! Believe it or not we have both had such chaotic lives that we haven't seen each other in a couple of months. I think that's like a record or something. Oh, how I have missed her! We started gabbing from the time she walked in the door until she left around 10! Yeah, it's been way too long. Ryan was more than happy to excuse himself to his garage last night after dinner!

I was so proud of myself! I remembered to grab my camera for some quick shots!
Caleb got so excited when he saw Jessica and her son, D!
(By the way, footie pajamas are so awesome!)

Caleb was so excited to show off all his toys!

We had such a great time and I can't wait to make a habit of it again!

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