Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tellico Plans

Ryan, Caleb and I spent some time outside of the house on Saturday. We've had so much snow and bad weather, I feel like we really got cooped up. We decided to travel about 50 miles north of Chattanooga and visit a building supply store. We've seen plenty of commercials for Hall's Salvage in Sweetwater, Tennessee over the past few years. Heck, we pass by it every time we go to Tellico. This place is amazing! Their inventory varies all of the time and they really have some great deals. I found premade, natural wood shelves for $1.99 a piece. Sure, Ryan could have made them for me around that same price. The point is that he is so busy with all of the other honey do list items that I just bought them. $1.99 for a two foot shelf is a great price! I bought eight because I need plenty of space to store my black bear collection in Tellico. Since moving into our new camper almost two years ago and insulating the porch addition, I lost a lot of little nooks for sticking my black bears. When we get it all finished, it's going to look amazing!

Ryan and I have been doing some serious Tellico planning in the last couple of weeks. With Caleb getting bigger and Spring coming quick, we really need to do some adjusting there. Caleb is quickly outgrowing the Pack N Play. I can almost count the number of times he used it there. Since we carpeted the porch addition last year, Ryan and I have been looking for some type of bedding option for Caleb. I think we have narrowed down our choices. Have any of you seen these things?

These weigh about 7 pounds and are perfect for a toddler. Ryan and I have been researching some of these and they seem to be everything we need for Tellico!

"Whether you have an infant or ‘big kid’ the PeaPod Plus is the perfect travel bed. For short trips across town when naptime nears, or long cross country vacations, the PeaPod Plus becomes your child’s own portable bedroom. And it’s so lightweight even your child can carry it. The inflatable air mattress helps protect from cold, hard surfaces (inside or out) and provides a comfortable place to sleep or play. Great for outdoors because of its UV protection and adjustable wind screens. A large front zipper panel allows parents quick access to infants or easy in/out for older boys. The slick, easy to fold design makes it ideal for storage and use at a moment’s notice. Includes anchor straps."

I have just fallen in love with these things! I am really loving the yellow one. I think if we set it up as Caleb's "play tent" before our first trip with it, he would really take to it.

I'll be so glad to see the Pack N Play go. We have really enjoyed it, but it takes up a lot of space in the camper. We set it up where our table usually goes. We would really like to have a meal there instead! Our porch addition is really going to come in handy as Caleb gets older. We have a flat screen out there. I can see satellite service (all you can ever get on the mountain) in our near future. Since Caleb is going to be out there more, we are installing paneling with plenty of insulation. It will make it way more comfy! And that is also where I'm getting the wall space to hang my shelves! The futon that currently resides there is leaving (Hallelujah!) and Ryan is getting us a reclining loveseat! Yea! This is what I'm really hoping for:

Maybe it will be our anniversary gift this year....

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