Monday, January 31, 2011

Workin' 9 to 5....Oh, Wait! That's Not Me....

Not ever gonna happen! My work-a-holic self just can't seem to work less than forty hours a week these days. The Chattanooga Boat Show was last week and I logged in many exhausting hours! I'm not going to lie, I enjoyed every minute of it because it's something different from my normal routine. My body is not thanking me very much today. It's not as forgiving as it was a child ago  four or five years ago .....Most of our work consisted of standing on a concrete floor for hours.

Ahhh! See that floor?!?

Just a few of my babies....

I have come to terms with the fact that I am the pontoon selling queen of the marina. Ha! I don't know what it is about those boats, but I can sell the heck out of them. Maybe it's the versatile customer base or the family atmosphere that surrounds a pontoon boat, but I tend to reach out to more people in that boat line. Ten to fifteen years ago if you said, "I own a pontoon boat," I would have looked down at my shoes and said, "I'm sorry...." It's just not that way anymore. As technology has improved and the styles have changed, pontoon boats have grown to be very popular in our area. When the economy took a hit, people still wanted something to play on but didn't want to take their families out and run the gas out of a boat all day. The pontoon craze was born! What better way to get a lot of people across the water without spending a fortune? These days pontoon boats are loaded with luxury and convenience. Who would have imagined ten years ago you could get plush, comfy seats and a sink on one of those things???

The pontoon boats our parents had....

How pontoon boats are supposed to look!

See my point???

So you may wonder where my precious child was during this show....
I have to give a lot of thanks to some people!
Besides the fact that he sorta forgot bath time, Ryan was so much help while I was at the show. Not only did he make sure Caleb was happy, but he even managed to feed the kid! All joking aside, I couldn't have pulled this past week off without him. He even brought Caleb all the way down to the show so I could love all over him!
 (No, he doesn't read my blog and I wasn't putting it out there to earn brownie points!)

Besides my dad (I made sure he worked too), the grandparents and Aunt Debbie were my lifesavers.
Mom kept Caleb for us a couple of times and they had the best time together. Caleb got to spend time with his cousin, Zoey, and his Aunt Debbie this weekend too! Then he got spoiled even more by his Nana and Pappy on Sunday.
Let me tell you, when we dropped him off at school today he pitched a fit. He was so used to getting his way and being treated like a king that he did NOT want us to leave!

So...that was my weekend. How was yours?

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