Thursday, February 17, 2011

Caleb's 15 Month Appointment

Have mercy! We have a tall boy on our hands. When Caleb went for his 15 month check up, they weighed and measured him. We can't go with an accurate weight since he had been sick, but lately he's been around the 26 pound mark. Caleb is also 32.5 inches tall! He's in the 95th percentile...still! I asked Dr. B if it was an indicator of Caleb being tall when he's older. Since he has been tall since birth, Dr. B told me that we can pretty much assume he's going to be a big guy! I have no idea why this makes me so thrilled, but I am so happy! Caleb is now measuring the size of a two year old. He does have molars coming in, which he shouldn't be getting until 18 months. He almost has a mouth full of teeth!

Caleb runs a little now and can walk backwards. He says a lot too! Dr. B asked if he was talking much and I replied, "He never shuts up!" It's the truth too! He's a very verbal little boy. He says: Mommy, Daddy, Giggy, Ga-Da-Da (Granddaddy), Nana, milk, more, kitty, baby, puppy, easy, happy, night night, yeah, nah, huh?....there's probably a couple of more I'm forgetting. Ryan, my mom, and I really "get" what he's saying right now. The most surprising thing right now is that he understands a lot of what we tell him. I can ask him if he wants something and he can go right to it. He's started to point at things he wants a lot too.

Caleb loves playing. He's learning how to throw. And he tries to color. His biggest thing right now is helping around the house. He loves the concept of using a broom and vacuum! He's going to make his future wife very happy one day!

Caleb got a "little boy" haircut this week as well. I'll post pictures as soon as we can. The lady who cut his hair said she just couldn't believe how well he behaved. He sat in the chair by himself and held my hand the whole time. It was too sweet!

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  1. Wow, most kids aren't good getting their haircut! I enjoy reading the joy in your posts about Caleb.



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