Thursday, February 24, 2011

Family Night....

Hubby and Me......

My two guys!
They were so cute in matching outfits.

Family picture night went better than any of us expected! Caleb and Zoey were such cuties and I just can't wait to get the pictures back. Mom and Dad took us all out to dinner afterwards.

Zoey was so hilarious! She's getting really picky when it comes to eating. Every time Brian, Giggi, or Tara tried to get her to eat a little, she'd shake her head "no". Eventually, she did get hungry and eat!
Caleb did just fine eating dinner.......
With Granddaddy's help, Caleb was covered in food!
We found out he loves beets, green Jello, chicken livers, and popcorn shrimp.
He also ate some of Mommy's salad, meatloaf, mac and cheese, green beans, bread, banana pudding and pie.

We had to change his shirt before we left.
He went to sleep as soon as we all got back home.

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