Thursday, February 10, 2011

Master Bath Project - Part One

Yesterday I had the opportunity to stay home and accomplish a project I have been dying to get finished. Until this project there were two rooms in my home that had never been painted since we moved in. The previous owner brilliantly painted all of the rooms in the house either flat pea green or urine yellow. Oh, yes he did. I can officially say that there is only one pea green room left in the house. I will never understand why someone used flat paint throughout the home. You can't clean it. It looks horrible. Oh, wait! I do know why. It semi-hides some huge wall issues....

See all that behind the shower head???
Someone who should NEVER pick up a putty knife got ahold of it....
Seriously? Duck Tape????
Aye Chihuahua!

This is my before picture.
I am so ashamed to show these, but I told you guys I'd be honest!
Needless to say this bathroom has been out of comission for a while....

This is what I found when the mirror disappeared....
We definitely have a poor lighting issue as well.
So, I broke out the Kilz and the paint....
This is going to be much easier to clean!!!

I found this medicine cabinet several weekends ago and just knew it was perfect for this job!

It really was a steal!

I would love to tell you the color of this paint, but I just can't!
It's a Custom Wendy Color....
I took the dark brown from Caleb's bathroom and mixed white in....
Milk Chocolate Awesomeness!

After patching the walls correctly and prepping them for paint, I finally finished at about 11:00 last night.
I actually had to build the wall up over the shower. Someone did not patch it with the right thickness of drywall. It now looks a million times better! I think when I was telling Ryan what I was doing to it, he started second guessing my tackling this project while he was at work. When he got home and saw it, he was fairly surprised! Go me!

I was worn out and remembered to take a quick picture of it with my phone.
I will take better ones when everything is finished tonight so please forgive me for the poor quality!
I am really loving where this is going!

I'm decorating this bathroom for my hubby. I can promise there will be lots of Tennessee Vols decor....
This past Fall, Ryan and I purchased an awesome UT print from a local artist and I cannot wait to finally get it up on the wall!

I plan to wrap this project up this evening after Caleb goes to bed, so tune in tomorrow for the finished product!

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  1. Hey thanks for being my first follower! I have checked out your blog before but couldn't follow it because I couldn't remember my google password. I had to fix that when I started my blog. That color of paint looks like the the color we used in our hallway. It was called Llama and I love it!



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