Sunday, February 20, 2011

Power of Prayer - 2/20/11

I've had great response to the Power of Prayer circle! If you'd like to link up, please grab my button to the right of this blog. Again, if you are in need of prayer or know someone that is, please let me know! I'd also love to hear about how the Lord is working in your life!

I have two very awesome answered prayers to tell you all about today! First of all, Charity's husband made it through his surgery just fine and is recovering this week! Continue to pray for a speedy recovery for him and thank you for your prayers for this family.

The second answered prayer is more of a true miracle. This young lady has such an amazing story....

I'll let Holly Moreland tell it herself:

"April 15 2010: I slid on black ice on my way to work..they flew me to erlanger and I stayed in trauma unit 1 month. I had a traumatic brain injury broke bone in neck shattered femur broke pelvis in 2 places. Was on life support and in coma...left there and went to sheperd center for rehab in atlanta for a month.....had a month of outpatient therapy after a came home. The lord COMPLETELY healed me beyond doctors belief or explanation. Truly a miracle of God...he is my healer!"
I remember watching the news last year and hearing about Holly's wreck. At the time I couldn't imagine someone even living through it. A prayer group was started on Facebook and the story of her recovery spread throughout our community. I was in awe of how God healed her so completely. Thank you Holly for sharing your story with us and praise God you are still here!

Maddy's Mommy needs your prayers again. Remember she's the awesome mom going back to school soon? The poor thing found out recently that she will be raising her daughter alone. Even though God is working his plan for her life, she finds herself a little down and lonely right now. Please pray for her to find strength and comfort in her time of need.

Amanda still needs some extra prayers this week. Her precious little boy, Nicholas, has been dealing with a tough case of RSV. He's having a rough time shaking this. We all hope he gets to feeling better soon! Before I got really ill, I noticed that she posted about Nicholas having earaches and having to have shots this week.

Lastly, I'd like to thank God for being by my side this week while I was so sick. Friday I found myself at the doctor for four hours getting four IV bags. The nurses told me that if I had gone to the emergency room, they would have admitted me since I was so dehydrated. I am so thankful that our families have been here to help out as well. Ryan and I have been truly blessed with a great family. I am feeling much better today and am on my way to getting away from this mess! Praise God!

Have a blessed week!

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