Sunday, February 27, 2011

Power of Prayer Sunday - 2/27/11

Today I come to you all asking for prayers for a young family. Kellie and James lost their beautiful little girl Madison. Maddie was just four months old and passed away last week. Please pray for Kellie and James while they go through this very difficult time.

Crystal has been a dear friend to me and I would like to put her out here for your prayers. She and her boyfriend, Michael, have been together for several years. They are looking to strengthen and solidify their relationship with the Lord and as a couple. Please pray for them while they continue down the path He has laid out for them. They are such an amazing couple and I truly believe God has great plans for them!

My aunt, Kelly, has also asked for prayers for her family. One of her daughters has been very ill for quite a while. Jessica found out recently that she has Ulcerative Colitis and has had a terrible time dealing with the flare ups. Please pray for better health for her so she can take care of and love all over her precious little girl!

1 comment:

  1. I Love that you ask for Prayers you never see this so I would like to Thank you for doing it. I found you on Boost My Blog and I will be back as I am now a follwer of yours.



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