Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Night Bliss

Caleb is in bed as we speak. Ryan is sitting beside me on the couch. All is well in our home tonight!

I have never been more excited to have the every day ho-hum stuff going on as I am right now. It is so good to feel well again. It has been a crazy week and I am so thankful it is over. The diaper bag is packed for school tomorrow, the house is (finally) back in order, and we've even had time to sit down and watch a movie.

Gosh, it feels amazing to be able to eat again! Never thought I would say it, but I truly enjoyed eating Arby's tonight with my boys! Ha!

Nana and Pappy kept Caleb for us all weekend so I could recover. We just couldn't wait to pick him up this afternoon. We then decided to take him to the park to walk around a bit and get some much needed fresh air. It has been beautiful around here this week and Spring is in the air! I'll post pictures of our trip out tomorrow at lunch.

Ryan and I decided to simplify our lives tonight. The sippy cup war has been going on in our house for a while now. Imagine this: forty-seven different sippy cups with different lids. Yeah, those are so much fun to match up! We chunked them all in the garbage and bought seven of these bad boys:

We had tried them before with Caleb and he just loved them. Of course, there will be no tossing of these. But they all match!!! No more searching for the correct lid. No more tiny parts to disassemble to clean. Just two pieces to worry about.
 Thanks Heavens!
The biggest thing I recommend from this whole ordeal:
Parents with toddlers need one type of simple sippy and they need to stick with them!
At $7.49 for seven, they are a great deal. We have used them for several months now and they stood up better than more expensive ones. Definitely worth every penny!
We got a whole new set tonight.
I admit it, I am a huge germ-a-phobe right now. His old sippys couldn't get clean enough after this whole stomach flu and we had been wanted to go with the one style.
Goodbye old sippys.
Hello cute, matching sippy cups!

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  1. I have 2 different kind of sippy cups for Maddy...I'm a sippy cup collector I think. I started out with the ones you have here cause her daycare uses them and I thought it'd be good for her to use the same kind. I also have another kind that you screw on the lid and it has the handles on the side. I did recently buy a few sippy cups that have a straw because she has been wanting to drink from a straw for a long time now and she can do it now. The sippy cups you mentioned are really good...I prefer those over any of the other ones. Glad you are feeling better :0



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