Thursday, March 31, 2011

Parenting Help

Since I had a lot of great feedback and visits to my Marriage Troubles post, I thought I would keep going a bit. I shared my heart with my readers, family, friends, and husband (he did in fact read that one, finally). I beared my soul and was vulnerable. That's just not me, but it felt so amazing to actually do it. As I wrote that post, I cried. I admitted the troubles I had and my faults.

Living through the life the Lord has given you is great, but reflecting upon it actually has the most impact. When you step back from the every day happenings and focus on how God is always by your side, there is an overwhelming feeling that washes over you.

Caleb and I laid down for a nap on Saturday. He had just fallen (for the fortieth time that morning) and actually hit his head so hard he had a good sized blood blister right above his eye. After he had calmed down and drifted into a pretty good sleep, I looked at his beautiful little face. The blood blister just stared at me. I felt terrible that I had let him fall yet again. Guilt just washed over me. Yes, I know that I can't prevent every injury. I also know that falling down and getting back up is how he learns and develops. But, still....that's the mother in me.
As I was sitting there pondering about my abilities of actually taking care of something so precious, another feeling began to radiate over me.

 I can't do this.

How am I supposed to protect him every second of every day? It's impossible! What if he had fallen just a tad bit differently? He could have injured his eye. My child could have been blinded! How can my heart withstand the every day bumps and bruises?

Just as I was getting myself worked up to a full out panic attack, something happened....
I realized that I can't do this alone.
As I looked at his calm little face I knew that God was there. He protects my child.

I think the most important thing a parent can do is pray for their children. Pray for their safety....pray that they grow up loving the Lord....pray they lead happy, wonderful lives....just pray. No prayer is too small or too big. God knows your heart and wants you to come to Him.

As Caleb slept, I begged God to just protect him. I thanked Him for giving me a chance to be a mother and for such a wonderful child. On Saturday Caleb could have gotten hurt pretty bad, but God was there answering prayers I didn't even know I had at the time.

"Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart."
Psalm 37:4

Maybe someone reading this has never experienced the glory of having God in their life. If you would like to know God's Plan of Salvation, please click on those words. I want you, friend, to feel what it's like to be loved so unconditionally by the Lord. I want you to know joy and to have hope.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Since I'm building the suspense of my current project I'm going to give a few hints today! Let's see if you can figure it all out....

1. Hint number one: I have totally been thinking of polar bears the last couple of days....

2. Hint number two:

3. Hint number three: Foam is amazing to work with. This has been my first chance working with it!

Okay, that's all you get? What have I done???

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


My current project has literally and officially kicked my butt! I am not sharing this one with anyone except the two guys living with me. Ryan doesn't blog and Caleb can't verbalize it correctly, so I think my seceret is safe! I promise that I will reveal it after my party next week. I'm just kinda building up to the "Wow Factor" right now. I can promise it will be spectacular!

Poor Caleb is bewildered that his home keeps changing lately. He doesn't understand why he can go in one room one day and then it's banned the next time he tries. I do truly feel for him, but soon he'll be able to come and go as he wishes.

I have been getting up around 5:45 in the mornings and working until 11:30 at night. I have no energy at this point and I'm living on coffee. I keep telling myself it will all be worth it! Starting this week I work an extra hour each day and then I come home to work on other projects. If Ryan and I make it through this week without getting snippy, our marriage has withstood the ultimate test! Ha!

I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. We're getting so close it's almost pitiful. I thank God every day He didn't make me a home builder, painter, or plumber. I am so grateful I do not have to do those things for a living. First of all, I'm completely terrible at them and second, I don't have the patience to do that on a daily basis!

This post is so random, but I am still without a camera. Life is pitiful for me at the moment. I'm just lost. I think I wallowed in self pity for about ten minutes the day my camera took its last picture. It was really quite dramatic. My husband looked at me like I had lost my mind. I don't really blame him. We knew the day was coming. After twenty thousand pictures, it just simply gave up. It's seen its fair share of battles with a toddler in the house, but it was a great camera! I feel as though I have given it a proper memorial now....time to move on.....

Monday, March 28, 2011

Family Portraits

You may remember that my mom wanted family portraits done for her birthday this year....
I finally have them to share with you!!!

I just adore a black and white photo....
They look so pretty!

This is our first family portrait together
I just love this one!

My parents were born to be grandparents!
They are truly wonderful with Caleb and Zoey....

My brother and his beautiful family

I laugh every time I see all of us in a picture. My mom swore for years that she would never be a grandmother. She saw friends and family all around her getting the chance. Brian and I were wild for a while and it probably seemed like we'd never settle down. I can remember watching her get all teary eyed one day standing around her dining room table telling me how another one of her siblings had become a grandparent. Secretly I just smiled. Little did she know that a having a child was in my heart.
When I told my parents that we were expecting, my mother shouted to the world (really just the Tellico campground) that she was "Gonna Be A Granny!!!!" She glowed prettier than any pregnant woman around!
Five weeks later, Brian came to me about Tara's positive pregnancy test. We had all suspected for a week then and it was confirmed! My parents were getting two grandbabies!

I had Caleb in November and Zoey was born five weeks later.
My parents had back to back grandkids in the same year.
Talk about a shock to their system!

It has been such an awesome journey for my family and I love how we have transformed over the years.

Weekend Wrap Up....

I feel like I've been running non-stop for the past few days. To tell you the truth, that's pretty accurate!

We went to our favorite weekend spot on Friday and really had a nice time. We all needed a break for the weekend!

I would love to show you pictures of how we took the Pack N Play out of the camper and transitioned to a new bed for Caleb, but my camera finally died. Surely you all know how much I use my camera and how devastating this is to me....Luckily Mom is letting me borrow one of hers until I get one!

Caleb did great in his bed at the camper and we have had great success with the whole big boy bed thing. He did get up last night, but I think that may be the last time. Ryan scared him half to death! We stood outside his room for a few seconds and when we heard little feet, Ryan barged in. Caleb was so shocked that he fell over and cried! Needless to say, he did not get back out of the bed until I woke him up this morning!

Other than that, Ryan and I have been working in the evenings to tie up all of our projects around the house. I have finally filled and hung the gorgeous picture frames I got from my mother-in-law for Christmas, sanded a repair area of drywall at the top of our steps, laid more flooring in the family room, and cleaned carpets. We've been crazy busy, but it's so amazing to see it all coming together now! I literally have a week and a half until my Scentsy party and I have to get on the ball if I want things in order. Ryan and I have planned out our week so that hopefully it will all be wrapped up soon! For those of my friends and family coming to the party, please forgive me if it's not all done. I have tried my very best and I know y'all love me even if I don't have it all together! Ha!

As soon as I get a camera, I will keep you posted of the progress.....

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Power of Prayer Sunday 2/27/11

Okay, blog friends, I have a huge prayer request for all of you. Please join me in praying for Elisa and Nathan. Elisa was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and her husband, Nathan, was diagnosed with stage 3 rectal cancer.... ONE WEEK APART! They are young parents to an 18 month old little girl. They could use whatever thoughts, prayers, donations, notes of encouragement, etc., that anyone has to offer. Just click on their names above to visit the blog set up to support them.

I am also asking for prayers for my family this week. Ryan and I have enjoyed finding a church home this past winter. We were able to do so because our winter work hours allowed us time to attend church on Sunday mornings. Our work is very seasonal and summer is our biggest time of the year in the boating industry. We are so very grateful for our jobs and the company is absolutely wonderful to us. We can work around Caleb's needs and schedule with a lot of flexibility. While Ryan and I absolutely love the extra work and enjoy being busy, it comes with a great sacrifice. Our Sunday work schedules won't allow us time for church after this weekend. My heart is just breaking because this has been such a blessing to our marriage and family. I have seen the changes it has made in our lives and I certainly don't want to put it on hold until this boating season is over. I understand that you don't have to go to church every Sunday to be a Christian. But, for my family it keeps us on the right track. Ryan and I are still fairly new at turning over our lives to God and it helps to be encouraged by others with the same goal. We have enjoyed our small groups class and are getting to know them. I've actually seen old friends I hadn't been around in years through church and I am just not ready to give it up. My heart craves this environment; to just be around people that are all going in the same direction we are. Having someone there to encourage you when times are tough or celebrate when prayers are answered; we need that. I want to be there when my child accepts the Lord as his personal Savior, not hear about it later from his grandparents. I want to be the example that Caleb needs when it comes to loving God. After saying all of that, I need your prayers. Ryan and I are desperately praying that God opens a way for us to come worship Him at church. Rest assured that if it just doesn't work out for us at this time in our lives, we'll work around it. Church or no church, we will never stop trying to grow closer to Him. Thank you all so much for praying for and with us!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Another Success!

And look who stayed in bed all night ~ AGAIN!

This morning I went into his room and told him it was time to get ready for school.
Then he slid out of bed!!!
He loves it!
It really seems like Caleb is sleeping better in his toddler bed for some reason. He doesn't whine nearly as much as he did while in the crib. He may fuss for a couple of minutes and then he goes right to bed.
He also seems to sleep in a little longer in his new bed.
I have absolutely no idea why, but it is working out well so far!

After seeing how easy this transition has been, Ryan and I are toying with a new approach in Tellico.
I know I mentioned getting Caleb a PeaPod sleeping tent instead of using his Pack N Play, but since he's doing well at sleeping in an actual bed, we may let him sleep in his own bed there. I'll have to see if it will accomodate one of the mesh safety rails....
I'll be so glad when that Pack N Play is gone!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

From A Crib to A Bed....

If you follow me on Facebook, you may have noticed my post yesterday. Ryan and I had to go out on our lunch break and pick up a toddler bed for Caleb.

I was getting ready for work yesterday morning and heard some determined grunts coming through the monitor. Curious, I walked in to see what Caleb was up to. If you were to be at my house in the mornings, you would understand Caleb being fairly quiet is cause for some alarm!

I walked in and saw him pulling himself up in his crib. His little butt was halfway over the railing! I know it doesn't seem that big to some of you veteran mammas, but this mom panicked. I am just not okay with my wild child climbing the rails. It's not that part I am concerned's the falling. Caleb is a little daredevil and could careless about what may hurt him!

Understanding my panicky tendences, Ryan took me to pick one out. Caleb's crib that Ryan built for him does convert to a full size bed, but I just wasn't ready to try that one with him yet. We decided to get a bed that his crib mattress fit in. My dear husband put it together for us last night.

Again, I panicked. What if he got up? What if he tried to climb the baby gates? What if he just couldn't sleep in it? What if he chose to just sleep in the floor? What if he fell out of his bed?

What did I do???

Caleb and I kept our same bedtime routinue last night. I tried not to let him see me anxious! Ryan moved his bed into his room and took his crib mattress out of the crib. We decided to keep the crib in his room so that all of the new changes didn't totally shock his system. He could still see it. We took all of his toys and put them away. That way he wouldn't be tempted to get up in the middle of the night. We also removed the glider because he's climbing in it now. I worry about him falling out of it or pinching his fingers trying to figure out how it works. We put his penguin and giraffe in the bed with his favorite blanket so he would know it was where he's supposed to sleep. We read him a story from his Bible and watched him climb into his bed. At first he wanted to just stand in it. Ryan told him to lay down and I covered him with his blanket. We left the room, closed the door behind us, and put the baby gate up for good measure. Then I just prayed...

Caleb fussed for a minute, but I never heard feet hit the floor. I finally peeked in and he was sound asleep with his blanket and giraffe.

This whole time I just knew he would get up in the middle of the night. He never did....

I am dumbfounded and amazed at this one. I was totally prepared for a tough first night....
I am seriously praying that it goes this smoothly from here on out.
Maybe he was just so surprised about the changes that he didn't think of getting out of bed??? I sure hope not! The optimist in me wants to believe that this is just something Caleb takes to. He's been great about sleeping, so why change? I pray that is our scenario!

Before I woke him up this morning, Ryan and I took a moment to watch him from the doorway. He looked so grown up lying in his new bed. Caleb is growing so fast and this is just another big step towards not being a baby. I suppose there are times that a parent can actually put a finger on the moments when it happens. There are points that you actually see it and it rocks you so hard that you just have to stop and take it all in. Two or three years ago, who would have ever imagined I could be brought to tears by a tiny toddler bed? Only God knew....Praise the Lord for giving me things I never knew I wanted or needed!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

$100 Gift Card for $8!!!

I just had to put this out there for you guys! It's a great deal!

The Friends and Family Circle is hosting this awesome deal today! Go on over and check it out!

Little Hams

Caleb and Zoey stole the show last night at their grandparents' house. My mom and Aunt Debbie went to Pigeon Forge this past weekend to do a litte ton of shopping....This is what we walked into:
Piles of clothes!

"All I got was new clothes?!?"

It's official: our babies will be decked out for Spring and Summer!
Of course they had to spend some time on the swing...

Giggy and Aubt Debbie sat us all down after dinner to show us the cute outfits...

Zoey got some really girlie outfits! They are just too precious!
Caleb is sporting size 24 month clothing now....He's not even 18 months yet.
He's such a big boy!
He's about a half a head taller than Zoey right now and she measures right on track for her age...
If you're wondering, they're just five weeks apart in age!

Caleb and Zoey discovered how much fun it was to play in a dog bed.
(Don't worry! Belle never uses this one!)
Caleb obviously wasn't crazy about sharing with Zoey....

He sprawled out in it so she couldn't get in!

So she laid on top of him!

And that plan seemed to work!
These two were absolutely hilarious!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ready For Some Sun

Caleb was cute this morning and I just wanted to share some quick pics with you all.....

Sporting Mommy's Sunglasses....

I have been asked in a couple of emails if we like Caleb's car seat.
We love the protection it offers him. Next to his head are actual pads to protect him in the event of an accident. The chair is padded well and hooks up easily. He has traveled very comfortably in it.
Ryan and I fell in love with the whole safety aspect of it.
I think we're fairly nuts about it to tell you the honest truth.
When we bought our car, we were completely sold on the five star safety rating.
Ryan's seriously a little fanatical about Caleb and I being safe on the road.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Babies in Green

Yesterday afternoon, Caleb and I were able to spend some time together.
And what do we love to do?
Grab two of our favorite girls (Tara and Zoey) and head out!
Caleb and Zoey had on the same shade of green for St. Patty's Day!

I love spending the day with Tara. It doesn't matter what we do, we always have such a great time.

I was finally able to get myself over to Old Navy for a couple of new outfits.
I have to confess that I have not bought myself new clothes in F-O-R-E-V-E-R!
You think I'm joking....
In all honestly, it has been since Caleb was itty bitty.

I got this dress and a cute ruffly purple shirt.

We took the kiddies out to a local park and play area.
Caleb and Zoey absolutely loved the swings!

We wore those two out!

When we got home, Caleb got a second wind and wanted to play with Daddy.
They are just too cute together!

Ryan and I did work in the family room some more last night. We laid down some more underlayment and prepped the floor. I'll be so thankful when this is all over!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day from Caleb!

His shirt says "Daddy's Little Leprechaun"!

He loves playing with his laptop on the way to school in the mornings!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Having Marriage Troubles? Wanna Know the Secret?

Have you ever had one of those days that a million thoughts are floating through your mind? The things you want to say, but don't have the courage to display for the world? You worry about who will read it or if they will judge you. Then again, you are certain there will be a couple who do! There are some things others desperately need to hear, but you're not sure you are actually brave enough to spell it out to them.
I'm having one of those days.....

I see people around me letting their marriages fall apart. They do absolutely nothing to save them. Or maybe they don't know where to start. Maybe they feel hopeless and think their specific situation is beyond repair. My heart hurts for these people because it doesn't have to be this way.

"For nothing is impossible with God" 
~ Luke 1:37 

I've hinted of the fact that Ryan and I are building an amazing testimony of how the Lord has worked miracles in our lives, individually and together. He's not even close to being done! Every day God shows us something new in our marriage and in ourselves. What I want you to see is the progress we have made.

If I told you we almost called it quits, would you believe we've made it this far?
To be honest with you, there were times I just knew we wouldn't make it.
God showed me how wrong I was.
The Lord wanted nothing more than to see our marriage work.
That's how He designed it! 

In the past (before we let God have control of our marriage) I tried to "fix" Ryan's problems. Somehow or another, I thought I knew what was best for him. Did I stop to look at anything wrong with myself?
Heck, no! I was as close to perfect as it got! <-- You may insert as much sarcasm as possible here!

First of all, shame on me! The things I was working on changing in my husband were the things that made him who he was. He is such a wonderful, good hearted man. What the heck was wrong with me???
Second, God doesn't make mistakes and He sure didn't start with my husband!

I'm not saying Ryan was perfect in this whole equation, but I wasn't making anything easy on us either!
We didn't stop to embrace what made us amazing together. We just saw the little flaws....
We didn't stop to think about the promises we made to each other and to God.

We had a non-traditional family, a baby, and loads of stress piling up from every angle. It seemed like every time we turned around there was something else putting a strain on our marriage (Have you seen our renovation struggles? Ha!).
In all seriousness, I honestly believe we have been through more marital strain in our almost four years of marriage than your average ten year old marriage.

So what did we do? We kept on trying to fix things ourselves and keep everything hush-hush from our family and friends. I tried to medicate my problems away with hormones designed to fix hormones. I read book after book that guaranteed a way to fix our marriage. I talked until I was hoarse about what each expert said and what we should be doing.
Looking back, all I can say is, "What a joke!!!!"
All this led to was frustration when it didn't work.
Guys, I wasn't raised this way!
One thing my mother always taught me was to turn things over to the Lord.
Why couldn't I do this????
It's such a no brainer, simple concept.
Did I not trust the God that ensured my very own salvation to be able to save my marriage?
To this day, I cannot explain what held me back.
I was such a fool!

Looking back now, there was a specific breaking point for us.
There came a time that two of the closest people to us saw what we had kept hidden.
These people could have helped us long ago had we just asked for it.
Not only did they give us methods to cope with some of the strain of outside forces, but they shared the most important coping method:
Allowing God to come into our lives and marriage!
Ryan and I both were Christians already, but we chose right then and there to give all of our worries, issues, and struggles to God.
That right there is what it's all about!
The weight of the world was lifted from our shoulders.
God will provide every single time!
He surrounded us with His unconditional love and took care of us.
He healed our hearts, strengthed the bond between us, and showed us a much better way to live.

The first thing I noticed was that God opened my eyes to my own faults and gave me a better heart to accept and truly love my husband. I walked away from all self-help books but one ~ The Bible. I stopped all medications and low and behold, my hormones acted better than they had since I was a teen! I prayed before I talked about touchy subjects between us.
I am so thankful we traveled this road together. I wouldn't change a thing about it because I am here now telling you how great my God is.

I have come back to the unpublished version of this post several times. The whole time I prayed that God would give me strength to share this with you all. Not to brag at all, but to give hope. I know that if I am able to hit "Publish Post" on here, I can maybe inspire someone to stick it out. Ryan and I didn't have the model marriage, but we make it work every single day. God is still working with us. We are very far from being "done".
God has made it all possible!
The biggest thing I have learned through this process is that God has shown me love and mercy when I least deserve it. It never ceases to amaze me. I have done so much wrong, He forgave it all. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

We finally made it back to Tellico this past weekend. Ryan and I had the day off from work on Friday so we picked Caleb up from school a little early. It has been so long since we had been up. Driving up the river road truly felt like we were coming home. The drive was absolutely gorgeous!

On Saturday morning, Granddaddy and Giggy came over to take a walk with us. Before I could get the stroller out, Caleb grabbed Giggy's hand and Belle's leash and took off down the gravel road. He was bound and determined to walk all by himself. Seeing him walk around in Tellico holding my parents' hands just filled my heart with joy. Last year on our walks I dreamed of the day we could walk around together. This weekend we finally got the chance. Friends we hadn't seen in months just couldn't believe how well he was running around (they hadn't seen him since he started walking)! I was so proud of my little boy.

That brings about another realization.....Boy, am I gonna walk my butt off keeping up with him this summer!

Something else really surprised me too. Caleb was a lot more outgoing towards the people he hadn't seen in months. Could it be that he has grown out of this "Mommy-Mommy-Mommy" stage? Praise the Lord!!! Ryan and I are both really social people and I couldn't wait for Caleb to adopt that personality trait from us!

I am so thankful to get the chance to clean the camper and get everything freshened up for Spring. Ryan swears the trout were just calling his name! We did a lot of camper planning this weekend and are looking forward to getting some of it out of the way. I really think we can maximize our space in the addition. Another project?!? I am squeaking with joy!

This will probably be one of the last weekends we see this here!
We'll be getting our table back soon!!!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Power of Prayer Sunday - 3/13/11

Praise the Lord! I have wonderful news to share with you guys today! I follow Megan at In This Wonderful Life and have read her struggles of loosing her precious Cohen days after he was born. Baby Cohen had a congenital heart defect. He was born on June 7, 2010 and went to Heaven on June 18th. I have read of Megan's struggles for months now and the Lord has blessed her with a beautiful gift! She found out on Christmas Day that she is expecting. She waited a bit and finally posted on Tuesday about the wonderful news! Please pray with me that her pregnancy is uneventful. Megan deserves this so much after all she has been through and she really is a great mommy. God is so good! He may bring you through terrible things in life to show you His love and that He will always bring you through it. Today my heart is so full of joy because I got to see God working in Megan and Brent's lives. I saw His plan!

Want to hear the real kicker now?

She's having twins......both with beautiful, healthy hearts!

Sorry this is so late. Caleb has been really sick all weekend. He's had a nasty sinus infection and ran a high fever the whole weekend. This is the first time he's ever had a high fever, so I was spazzing out all weekend. He seems to be much better this morning!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Vote for Caleb!

Please click on the following link to vote for Caleb for the local Cutest Kid Contest! You can vote daily!!! Thanks!

Cards or Care Package Needed!

Remember Little Miss Lucy I told you about this past Sunday? She just turned five this past week and the poor thing had to spend her birthday miserable in the hospital. If any of my readers would like to send her a card or care package while she's in the hospital, I will make sure to count it as another entry to my Scentsy giveaway. If you send something, please leave me a comment telling me!

You can send any letters, cards, or packages to:

Lucy Krull
c/o Rose Construction
126 Highway 51 South
Covington, TN 38019

Lucy has really touched my heart and I would love to see as much happiness brought to her as she fights to survive.

Monday, March 7, 2011


Caleb just loves the hair dryer! Every night after his bath he wants his hair blown dry!
While brushing his teeth....

Ryan and I worked in the family room again last night.
I just wanted to give you a preview of the flooring I got:
I just love the walnut color! So pretty!

I am so glad we made the decision to go with neutral colors for this area.
Since the walls are beige and the floor is a darker brown, we have a lot of options when it comes to decor and furniture. Last night my MIL showed us her beautiful new loveseat and chair for her dining room....wanna know the best part about it? I get her old loveseat for downstairs!
It's this one!!!

We are using the main part of the room for a play area for Caleb. Eventually we'd like to see it become our family gathering area. This makes it one step closer to that goal! Now all we have to do is pick out the right TV to hang on the wall!

Getting closer....

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Random Grandparent Pics

I just had to share these pictures with you all! Ryan's parents took these of their grandkids over the past year and I love looking at how much they have changed....especially Caleb!

I think they love each other!

Look how itty bitty he was!
And how chubby!!!!
And I thought Caleb was heavy then....Ha!

Poor kids are used to having a camera in their face....
Aren't they adorable though?
I just noticed it, but they all have the same hair color now ~ they are Ryan made over!
Caleb is just precious beyond belief!

This is his serious look!

Caleb is usually this happy 90% of the time!

Today was a big day at our house......
On our way to church, Caleb said "Pappy" for the first time!
He can now say all four grandparents' names!

Looking at these pictures today makes me so impatient for summer! I can't wait until Bryce and Madison get here for their summer break and we can make lots of new memories!


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