Friday, March 25, 2011

Another Success!

And look who stayed in bed all night ~ AGAIN!

This morning I went into his room and told him it was time to get ready for school.
Then he slid out of bed!!!
He loves it!
It really seems like Caleb is sleeping better in his toddler bed for some reason. He doesn't whine nearly as much as he did while in the crib. He may fuss for a couple of minutes and then he goes right to bed.
He also seems to sleep in a little longer in his new bed.
I have absolutely no idea why, but it is working out well so far!

After seeing how easy this transition has been, Ryan and I are toying with a new approach in Tellico.
I know I mentioned getting Caleb a PeaPod sleeping tent instead of using his Pack N Play, but since he's doing well at sleeping in an actual bed, we may let him sleep in his own bed there. I'll have to see if it will accomodate one of the mesh safety rails....
I'll be so glad when that Pack N Play is gone!

1 comment:

  1. oh my gosh! look at him! about looking grown up! his bed looks very similar to how maddy's will look so thanks for the preview lol. I am so happy he loves his bed and is doing great. Before long he'll be asking for the keys to the car.



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