Thursday, March 24, 2011

From A Crib to A Bed....

If you follow me on Facebook, you may have noticed my post yesterday. Ryan and I had to go out on our lunch break and pick up a toddler bed for Caleb.

I was getting ready for work yesterday morning and heard some determined grunts coming through the monitor. Curious, I walked in to see what Caleb was up to. If you were to be at my house in the mornings, you would understand Caleb being fairly quiet is cause for some alarm!

I walked in and saw him pulling himself up in his crib. His little butt was halfway over the railing! I know it doesn't seem that big to some of you veteran mammas, but this mom panicked. I am just not okay with my wild child climbing the rails. It's not that part I am concerned's the falling. Caleb is a little daredevil and could careless about what may hurt him!

Understanding my panicky tendences, Ryan took me to pick one out. Caleb's crib that Ryan built for him does convert to a full size bed, but I just wasn't ready to try that one with him yet. We decided to get a bed that his crib mattress fit in. My dear husband put it together for us last night.

Again, I panicked. What if he got up? What if he tried to climb the baby gates? What if he just couldn't sleep in it? What if he chose to just sleep in the floor? What if he fell out of his bed?

What did I do???

Caleb and I kept our same bedtime routinue last night. I tried not to let him see me anxious! Ryan moved his bed into his room and took his crib mattress out of the crib. We decided to keep the crib in his room so that all of the new changes didn't totally shock his system. He could still see it. We took all of his toys and put them away. That way he wouldn't be tempted to get up in the middle of the night. We also removed the glider because he's climbing in it now. I worry about him falling out of it or pinching his fingers trying to figure out how it works. We put his penguin and giraffe in the bed with his favorite blanket so he would know it was where he's supposed to sleep. We read him a story from his Bible and watched him climb into his bed. At first he wanted to just stand in it. Ryan told him to lay down and I covered him with his blanket. We left the room, closed the door behind us, and put the baby gate up for good measure. Then I just prayed...

Caleb fussed for a minute, but I never heard feet hit the floor. I finally peeked in and he was sound asleep with his blanket and giraffe.

This whole time I just knew he would get up in the middle of the night. He never did....

I am dumbfounded and amazed at this one. I was totally prepared for a tough first night....
I am seriously praying that it goes this smoothly from here on out.
Maybe he was just so surprised about the changes that he didn't think of getting out of bed??? I sure hope not! The optimist in me wants to believe that this is just something Caleb takes to. He's been great about sleeping, so why change? I pray that is our scenario!

Before I woke him up this morning, Ryan and I took a moment to watch him from the doorway. He looked so grown up lying in his new bed. Caleb is growing so fast and this is just another big step towards not being a baby. I suppose there are times that a parent can actually put a finger on the moments when it happens. There are points that you actually see it and it rocks you so hard that you just have to stop and take it all in. Two or three years ago, who would have ever imagined I could be brought to tears by a tiny toddler bed? Only God knew....Praise the Lord for giving me things I never knew I wanted or needed!!!

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  1. Don't they grow up fast? Congrats on a successful first night!



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