Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Little Hams

Caleb and Zoey stole the show last night at their grandparents' house. My mom and Aunt Debbie went to Pigeon Forge this past weekend to do a litte ton of shopping....This is what we walked into:
Piles of clothes!

"All I got was new clothes?!?"

It's official: our babies will be decked out for Spring and Summer!
Of course they had to spend some time on the swing...

Giggy and Aubt Debbie sat us all down after dinner to show us the cute outfits...

Zoey got some really girlie outfits! They are just too precious!
Caleb is sporting size 24 month clothing now....He's not even 18 months yet.
He's such a big boy!
He's about a half a head taller than Zoey right now and she measures right on track for her age...
If you're wondering, they're just five weeks apart in age!

Caleb and Zoey discovered how much fun it was to play in a dog bed.
(Don't worry! Belle never uses this one!)
Caleb obviously wasn't crazy about sharing with Zoey....

He sprawled out in it so she couldn't get in!

So she laid on top of him!

And that plan seemed to work!
These two were absolutely hilarious!

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