Thursday, March 31, 2011

Parenting Help

Since I had a lot of great feedback and visits to my Marriage Troubles post, I thought I would keep going a bit. I shared my heart with my readers, family, friends, and husband (he did in fact read that one, finally). I beared my soul and was vulnerable. That's just not me, but it felt so amazing to actually do it. As I wrote that post, I cried. I admitted the troubles I had and my faults.

Living through the life the Lord has given you is great, but reflecting upon it actually has the most impact. When you step back from the every day happenings and focus on how God is always by your side, there is an overwhelming feeling that washes over you.

Caleb and I laid down for a nap on Saturday. He had just fallen (for the fortieth time that morning) and actually hit his head so hard he had a good sized blood blister right above his eye. After he had calmed down and drifted into a pretty good sleep, I looked at his beautiful little face. The blood blister just stared at me. I felt terrible that I had let him fall yet again. Guilt just washed over me. Yes, I know that I can't prevent every injury. I also know that falling down and getting back up is how he learns and develops. But, still....that's the mother in me.
As I was sitting there pondering about my abilities of actually taking care of something so precious, another feeling began to radiate over me.

 I can't do this.

How am I supposed to protect him every second of every day? It's impossible! What if he had fallen just a tad bit differently? He could have injured his eye. My child could have been blinded! How can my heart withstand the every day bumps and bruises?

Just as I was getting myself worked up to a full out panic attack, something happened....
I realized that I can't do this alone.
As I looked at his calm little face I knew that God was there. He protects my child.

I think the most important thing a parent can do is pray for their children. Pray for their safety....pray that they grow up loving the Lord....pray they lead happy, wonderful lives....just pray. No prayer is too small or too big. God knows your heart and wants you to come to Him.

As Caleb slept, I begged God to just protect him. I thanked Him for giving me a chance to be a mother and for such a wonderful child. On Saturday Caleb could have gotten hurt pretty bad, but God was there answering prayers I didn't even know I had at the time.

"Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart."
Psalm 37:4

Maybe someone reading this has never experienced the glory of having God in their life. If you would like to know God's Plan of Salvation, please click on those words. I want you, friend, to feel what it's like to be loved so unconditionally by the Lord. I want you to know joy and to have hope.

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