Thursday, March 3, 2011

Please Don't Stop the Music.....

Tonight has been the perfect evening. Not only did Tara and I get the babies together for some great play time, but I totally chose the American Idol top twelve before it happened. Who didn't see Ashton in the top twelve??? Miss Attitude is totally amazing!

To top it all off, Hubby and I are sitting around with the TV off tonight. That's right! We are actually listening to music, debating on which song was the Goo Goo Dolls' greatest. We have argued over Darius Rucker without Hootie and considered if "Slide" was better than "Iris" or "Black Balloon"....and have seriously considered if Eric Clapton is bigger than Paul McCartney (whom we've both seen in concert). According to my mother, nothing is bigger than Paul....If it weren't for my father's good looks and charm, she'd still be holding out for marrying McCartney! Rumor has it that my dad just swept her off her feet while dancing to "Brick House"....Too bad for Paul.

So, Hubby confessed that he had a guitar for a short time when he was younger and then his mom sold it. Obviously he was a tad on the obnoxious side with it. Imagine that! After seeing what he used to jam to, all I can say is: "Thank you, Cathy!!!"

Nights like tonight are what makes it all worth it. When you can sit back and say, "When that song came out, my life was awful" and somehow or another your best friend in the whole world is sitting across from you remembering their memory of that time in their life. You can sit there, remember when that song came out, and look at the person who has made life complete. There's nothing like it. You remember where you came from. The troubles you went through to get to this moment. To actually live and just be completely content. Songs that played when your heart was broken are nothing but a faint memory. When it's been so long since it has been broken because the man sitting across from you could never do that to you. That is what it's all about.

The power of a song.....Music speaks to your heart and soul. It takes you back in time. It gives your hubby this cheesy grin on his face reminiscing about his little punk kid days. If he argues one more time that "Swallowed" isn't Bush's best song EVER, I'm totally beating him with Caleb's toy hammer.....

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