Sunday, March 6, 2011

Power of Prayer - 3/6/11

If you read the Power of Prayer post a few Sundays ago, you may remember that I mentioned my dear friend, TJ. I do have an update on her mother as of this past week, but please continue to pray.

"Mom had a good night last night! All of us, including mom and the nurses were surprised she was released yesterday late evening. She slept well. She came home with a catheter and drain tube. She gets around with the walker. pretty well. Thank you for praying about the fever, as far as I know, she has not had any. She does not have to contact the doctor, unless it goes above 101. She of course rests better at home. I love being able to see her every day again. She sits in a chair for short periods of time. Thank you all for taking this journey along with us. You will never what blessings you are. I can tell,l mom is of course thrilled to be home. It's hard for her to ask for help, because she is by nature independent whjch is a wonderful trait in many ways., I am really pleased with her first hours at home, as I was concerned they were pushing too much. Thank you for all your kindness and continued prayers.

That was written on February 28th. Her mom's temperature did spike some, but they are watching her very carefully. She is getting a huge round of antibiotics now and seems to be doing a bit better.

Crystal is needing more prayers from you. She wrote this on Monday:

"Please keep my Mom and Granny in your prayers. My mom is at the ER with kidney stones and my Granny has to have an MRI to find out why she is having severe dizzy spells. Thank you!"

Crystal's mom came home at the beginning of the week and is on the road to recovery.
Later on in the week, the doctors discovered that her Granny does have a tumor. At this time, they are not sure if it is cancerous or not.

I have a huge prayer request for you guys today:

Lucy was diagnosed with medulla blastoma, a form of brain cancer. She had 3 tumors on her brain, one one her spine, as well as a "sugar coating" of cancer running down her spine. After this dangerous surgery is completed, she will then undergo chemo and radiation at St. Jude in Memphis. You can keep up with her on her family blog: This family would really appreciate all of your prayers for their precious little girl.

My cousin, April, has asked for prayers for her mother-in-law. This week Linda Bowman was admitted into the hospital. She has shingles in her eye and cannot open it. She has become dehydrated and her kidneys have begun to shut down. Early Friday morning, Linda stopped breathing and is now in the ICU. At this time, the family does not know if there is any damage done to her brain. Please pray that she recovers from this and gets the best possible care from her doctors and nurses.

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