Monday, April 25, 2011

A Blessed Easter

On Thursday Ryan and I took wild child to visit the Easter Bunny. This was just not our year....

Yes, my kid was the one who was freaking front of everyone....
 We got a chance to go to Tellico on Friday night and had a really nice time.
I think he's growing on Belle....
Pretty little Zoey!
Playing with Daddy!

I just love to see them being silly together!
He loves to talk on the phone.

I finally got around to taking a picture of his "toddler bed" in Tellico. This is normally where the kitchen table is. It transforms into a bed and we added the rails for safety. He really sleeps well here.
Caleb and Zoey got their first wagon on Saturday!

Before Daddy could even put the wheels on, someone wanted to climb in!
Obviously, Caleb wanted to help out....

Too Sweet!

They loved it! I pulled them all over the place in this thing!
Caleb kept wanting to take Zoey's shoes off for her!
This little wagon even has cupholders....
That's just how our babies roll!
Early Sunday morning, the Easter Bunny stopped by the Del Signore home....

When he got up, Caleb grabbed his basket!

So excited!

Look, Mom!!!

After church, we went to Nana and Pappy's for lunch.
The Easter Bunny left Caleb another basket at their house...
He got a Cookie Monster, a puppy, socks, and lots of treats!
He thought it would be cute to try to stomp on the pouches of applesauce.
One day he may understand that Nana doesn't really want fruit smeared all over her carpets....hopefully.

Caleb was all ready to go hunt Easter eggs!
Unfortunately my battery in camera died for the first time....
Good thing Nana took pictures!
Tara and Zoey came over on Sunday afternoon. We cooked a huge Easter dinner!

Caleb and Zoey had so much fun playing together!

We enjoyed such a beautiful weekend!
Yesterday I took the opportunity to think of all the people in my life.
The Lord has blessed me with an amazing family....

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