Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Washing Machine Drama

I got my new washer just a few minutes ago and I am super excited!
My dad took me to our local home improvement store to shop for a new washing machine since our old one decided to leak water everywhere....

We picked one out and the salesman checked to see if it was in stock. They only had the floor model left, so he offered to upgrade us to the next model higher for the same price. We went from old style turn knobs to digital bliss! This washing machine has a bigger wash tub, weighs the clothes, and is energy efficient!

It just got delivered and here's two quick pics:

I'll be washing clothes like a crazy lady tonight!

Don't forget I'll be blog featured on another site tomorrow for my birthday! Details will be posted in the morning....


  1. that looks like fun :) I love washing machines lol

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