Friday, April 8, 2011

It's Almost My Birthday!!!

Caleb and I got a nice surprise in the mail today: an early birthday gift for me and a "just because" gift for Caleb from my two stepkids!

Caleb got a super cute new outfit, yummy snacks, a Sponge Bob hat, and a sweet card!
He will be so excited to see these when he gets home from school today!
You can really tell that Madison and Bryce love their little brother!

I got a precious little wall hanging that says "Enjoy Life's Blessings" and a rotating photo frame.
I know a couple of places where these can go....

It's a wonderful early birthday gift....

The kids even wrote on our box!
So super sweet!
Bryce's handwriting has improved so much...

My birthday is next week and I am really looking forward to it.
All of my family is getting together for dinner at my favorite restaurant: Amigo's!
I also got word from a fellow blogger that one of my posts is also getting featured that day!
This is will be my first guest post and it is such a blessing.
I promise to share the information later next week!
Please pray that my words will touch someone's heart next week!!!

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