Sunday, April 10, 2011

It's Not Just Me?!?!?!

Praise the Lord! I'm not the only one who feels like we have a never ending list of things to do around the house. I have questioned so many times about if I made the right choice in getting a house to fix up. I've cried through the exhaustion of endless nights of work just to make the house more presentable. I've secretly wondered, "Is it just me?"

Today after our Sunday school class finished, I found out plenty of people face the same things. We aren't the only ones who deal with house disasters! People with much newer houses still face the same issues....

On Thursday night, we went home and decided we were all going to relax since we busted our butts on the kitchen and hardwood floors last week. I walked downstairs to get something for dinner out of our freezer and I was immediately stepping in water....

On my brand new hardwood floors....

I pitched a fit like a little toddler!

I knew it could only be one of three things - a water pipe burst, the drains backed up, or my washing machine quit working.

Ryan and my dad went about troubleshooting the area and they determined that it had to be the septic tank. Our house is at the bottom of a hill and with all the rain we've had, the system just couldn't work.

I freaked out....Caleb was in the bath tub and I just sat down in the bathroom floor and had me a good long cry. In all of my drama, Caleb peered into my face and started laughing. My pity party was instantly interrupted! Thank Heavens for that little boy!

Ryan cleaned up the water and got the dehumidifier running. I kept questioning the septic theory. I thought that you had to have some sort of a sewage smell when that stuff backed up? Everything looked like clear normal water to me. Dad and Ryan told me it had to have some sort of a check valve.

Ryan pulled the top of the inspection pipe off from our septic tank in the back yard on Friday evening. Nothing looked abnormal. He told me to go run the washer while he watched the water level. I let the washing machine fill and then ran it long enough to empty it. While I was watching the drain, I noticed I was standing in water again. I looked down and it was just pouring from the bottom. Problem diagnosed!!!

Tonight, Ryan is taking it apart to see if it's a simple fix. If it's something major, we'll just replace it. I am so very thankful that this wasn't a bigger problem! God has truly taken care of us this weekend!

I can also happily report that the floors are just fine! The moisture barrier that we knew would be so important worked! I think that running the dehumidifier this weekend helped it as well!

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