Monday, April 4, 2011

Lots of Changes!


Getting close...

And then it was DONE!!!!

Lovin' my new loveseat!

This is the transition to the tile in the laundry room.
Hubby did an amazing job getting it so accurate.
We are going to lay down a strip of wood between the two floors to protect the edges.
Going up the stairs...

I even have my picture frames filled going up the stairs!!!

Now I've got to show you what we did last night:
Hubby stood in a crazy position over the stairs on a ladder to install this for me....
Have I mentioned lately how much I love this man?!?

I am a huge fan of vinyl quotes on a wall.
I finally picked the perfect place!

Ta da!
Love, love, love this!!!
I got this portrait done from the Canvas People online.
I simply uploaded my favorite picture and they put it on canvas.
I love the quality and I got the canvas 50% off at the time.
I know I could have cut the quote out with my Cricut, but I honestly did not have the time, so I bought the quote at Hobby Lobby. I also got it on sale....Yay!

"Look, Mom, something's different!"

My boys being silly....

This is the perfect picture of what Ryan and I are dealing with right now....
Caleb is so daring that we have to constantly watch him. He would literally run full force off our couch!
He's definitely a handful!

Also I forgot to mention yesterday that we did in fact get to go to church! Our prayers worked and God provided us a way to work around our schedules at work! Thanks!!!

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