Sunday, April 17, 2011

Power of Prayer Sunday - 4/17/11

Good morning, blog friends!

I do have a prayer request from a very dear friend of mine. Her sister is having extreme mold issues in her home and her allergies have forced her to move out. Her husband and child still live in the house. This forced separation has taken a huge toll on their marriage and they are struggling. Her daughter has also begun to experience symptoms from the black mold that has taken over their home. Please pray for their health, safety, and marriage while they sort all of this out. Please ask for God to give them strength to see this through.

I had an opportunity this week to witness to someone. It didn't go as well as I had hoped, but I do hope that this will help bring them closer to the Lord. They may not be saved right now, but I have hope that it will pave the way later down the road. This person is having difficulties in his marriage and with his finances. Please pray that he and his family accept the Lord and let Him into their lives.

Remember, if you have a prayer request or a praise please let me know through a comment or email. I would love to add you to the weekly prayer circle!

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