Friday, April 8, 2011

Show Us Your Life: Mother's/Father's Day Ideas

Kelly over at her Korner is sharing Mother's/Father's day ideas, so here are mine:

I'm pretty predictable with the whole gift ideas! I also get my mom a hanging basket with flowers. She has always enjoyed them and they last a whole season. When I think of Mother's Day for some reason I always think of flowers!

Neither Ryan nor I are good about cards, so we usually forget them! Oops!

For Father's Day, it's normally gift cards for the dads. What's easier than picking out what they really truly want instead of a tie or something? Growing up, we always got Dad a tie! Now, Sportsmans Warehouse gets our money! He's much happier for it! My father-in-law is a tool store or Sears junkie, so that's easy enough too!

Other than that, picture frames with the grandkids always works well too!

Kinda boring....Maybe this year I'll borrow some from others in the blog world!

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