Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tuesday Already?

Remember to click on the link above to join my Scentsy giveaway! The drawing will be tomorrow since that's the day of the party. Good luck! I will post on Thursday who won the giveaway!!!

We had some crazy winds around the area last night and I'm so thankful they're moving out. We had thunder that just shook the house last night. Fortunately for us, Caleb slept through it all! By the way, he is still sleeping in his big boy bed and seems to really like it. I was so terrified it wouldn't go this smoothly!

The projects around the house are coming along. We're so close on one of them that I just can't stand it. I'm praying it gets done in time for my party tomorrow. Ryan has been so busy around the house and I am so grateful for everything he has done. We have worked until midnight every night for that past week and a half. We are so exhausted! This time crunch has been really good on us because we perform well under pressure. It has really helped to tie up some of the small things we'd been putting off.

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