Friday, May 20, 2011

Date Night

Caleb got a special treat last night. He got to spend time with his Pappy! This is the first time that Pappy kept Caleb all by himself and they really had a great time. Lately Caleb has been quite the Pappy's boy. You can already tell they're going to be great buddies....

Ryan and I took the opportunity to have a date night....finally! When we thought back to it, we figured it had been close to a year since we'd had dinner out together. Caleb is easy going and loves going out to eat, so we usually just take him with us. We have been very fortunate for that. So far he's not one of those kids who screams and whines in a restaurant!

After I dropped Caleb off, Ryan and I got cleaned up and headed out for one of our favorite restaurants...Ichiban. They have some of the best Japanese food in Chattanooga.


Ryan's birthday is coming up next week and our families are getting him a new shed for our backyard.
Since he's getting such a nice one, we wanted to make sure it had the right layout for where he wanted to put it. I'm glad I didn't have to guess at it!

We are going to paint it to match our home.
It's super cute!
He was so excited!!!!
It's a 12 foot  by 8 foot building...plenty of space!!!
It has storage shelving, peg board, and a small work table!

If I had guessed on which one he preferred, I would have guessed wrong.
He actually picked the one I liked better! Who knew?!?

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