Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother's Day Gifts

I would like to say thank you to all of my dear friends and family members who have been praying for me the past couple of days. My sweet friend, Jenny, sent us a yummy chicken casserole last night so Ryan didn't have to cook! She was a life saver! I am just so blessed to have people who care about us so much.

I am feeling much better today and am attempting to work. Not being able to pick up Caleb has been the worst part of this whole mess. He just doesn't understand why I am not snuggling all over him like usual. I do think he knows something is not quite right because he's been fairly gentle around me. I was sitting on the couch last night and he climbed up to start petting my hair. It was so sweet!

I got some gorgeous flowers for Mother's Day. Mom spent yesterday morning with me and brought over an amazing snowball bush. I have been wanting one of these for as long as I can remember. Ryan planted it for me last night after Caleb went to sleep.

My in-laws came to visit last night and brought me some beautiful petunias. They are just simple beautiful! I used the flower setting on my camera last night and was able to get some beautiful shots.

I'm sorry but until I had this amazing Nikon I have never taken pictures this beautiful. I know I have a lot of learning to do with it, but I love it already! Ryan got me a knock out rose bush several years ago and it has taken off very well. It's the easier, more maintenance free plant I have ever owned. It's gorgeous this time of year...

Ryan also planted a pretty Dahilia at the mail box and I just can't wait to see it come up!
Everything is just so green and pretty!

We plan on added some more color to this side of the beds in the next few weeks.

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  1. Great photos, makes me think I need a new camera :) Following you (as Frugal in WV) from the thursday blog hop, look forward to your future posts!




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