Monday, May 9, 2011

A Mother's Day to Remember

Sunday was going to be such a fun day, but my body had other plans for me. I woke up early on Sunday morning to get ready for church. I mentioned to Ryan that my lower back was pretty sore, but nothing concerning. I spent Saturday chasing Caleb around and pulling him from his new spot on the kitchen table. He literally climbs in chairs and then climbs onto my table. Crazy kid!

I bent over to blow dry my hair and my back just locked up. I have never had anything like that happen before. Ryan decided that I needed to rest at home. I could tell my back was pretty bad, but it was unbearable. I took pain meds and muscle relaxers and thought I would be good to go.

We were supposed to meet Ryan's family for brunch after church ended, so I thought I was up to going. We all loaded in the car successfully and off we went. We were half way there and I sneezed. I felt something crack in my lower back and I cried out in severe pain. Seriously, this pain was more intense than a strong labor contraction. I was just miserable. We pulled in the parking lot of our local Cracker Barrel and I tried to get out of the car. With Ryan's help, I stood up. Huge mistake! There was so much pain shooting down my legs that I felt like I was going to pass out. I lost hearing in my ears and started swaying. I leaned against the car and told Ryan he needed to get Caleb to his parents. We thought that maybe my back popped back into place but we just really sore. We decided to try to get me home.

When we got in the driveway, we discovered that every time my legs barely moved it caused excruciating pain. I wasn't sure how in the world I would get in our house. Two flights of stairs wasn't something I wanted to tackle. After about twenty long minutes, I finally got to our couch. I cried out in pain when I laid down. It turns out that lying flat on the overstuffed couch was probably the worst I could do. I didn't have enough support in the right places in my back. When Ryan tried to flip me, I hate to admit that I screamed like a mad woman. It was embarrassing. He's never heard that out of me, and honestly neither had I. I began having strong muscle spams in my back around the affected area. These were probably the worst pain I had ever felt in my life. All I could do was scream in pain. I just prayed that God would help me because I was clearly in over my head.

You should have seen the neighbor children standing around outside. I'm sure they took tales of wife beating back to their parents last night. I am beyond embarrassed! We're lucky the police weren't called!

When my dad left work, he stopped by the house so he and Ryan could set me up. I knew if I could just get off my back that I would be better. It was an epic fail. Ryan and Dad put their arms under my back, but once I got to a certain point when bending everything the pain was bad enough to make me nauseous. After he left, Ryan and I devised a plan for him to pull slowly under my shoulders and use pillows to incline me up little by little. I knew at this point that it was time to seek medical help. We debated long and hard about calling an ambulance. I just knew Ryan wouldn't be able to get me to the car. Every time I moved I wanted to pass out. About this time I was able to take more pain medication and I waited for it to set in. Call me ridiculous but I knew there was no way I was having an ambulance come to my house, get manhandled out the door, and confirm that someone was probably dying in our house to the neighbors! Plus I honestly couldn't let go of a thousand dollars for an ambulance ride. Yes, I just happen to be a little stubborn at times!

Ryan called my dad back over and this time he brought my brother, Brian. I knew we'd get results. My brother just so happens to be as stubborn as I am so I knew I'd make it to the car. Ryan actually pulled the car to the back of the house that way I'd only have to step down a few steps. Getting me into a sitting position was the worst part of it. We did it quick and I was left trembling in pain. Finally Brian and Ryan pulled me into a standing position and Dad braced my back. I had several muscle spasms while walking, but nothing as bad as when I was lying flat on my back.

We got to the emergency room around 8 in the evening. I was put in a wheel chair because there was no way I could walk very far.  I was so relieved that there was only one other person there. Soon I was back in an exam room and the doctor told me that I had strained my back and probably had a pinched nerve. The whole area was very inflamed. I was sent for x-rays and everything came back clear. My spine is just fine! Lucky for me, I got three shots in the butt. I was given a steroid, pain med, and muscle relaxer. They worked wonders! I was able to talk to Caleb on the phone for a few minutes before he went to bed. After getting prescriptions filled, Ryan finally took me home. I was able to sleep fairly well last night and was so very grateful for that. I have to rest for several days and am not allowed to lift over 25 pounds for a while.

I am so blessed with a wonderful family. My in-laws were able to keep Caleb for us yesterday and then dropped him off with my mom last night. He got to spend the night with her and had a blast. He never noticed that I wasn't around! I'm sure he was thoroughly spoiled all day. I am so thankful that my dad and brother helped get me to the car last night. They were so gentle with me. Lastly, I am in awe of how well Ryan took care of me. He was patient and so caring. My heart is just overwhelmed with love for him. He never left my side and was just so wonderful. I really appreciate everything my family did for me yesterday.

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