Sunday, May 8, 2011

Power Of Prayer Sunday - 5/8

I'm sorry that it has been a couple of weeks since I have done a Power of Prayer post. With Easter and the storms that hit our area, we've been a little distracted.

I do have a huge prayer request for you all. One of my coworkers found out this week that his mother-in-law has cancer and will have to do emergency chemo treatments. Please say a special prayer that she can survive this. I've been told she's one tough woman and many people are lifting her up in prayer!

Please continue to pray for those in the Southeast that were affected by the recent storms. Our community has risen up together and provided countless support for the victims. It has been amazing to see the churches and individuals around here provide support. There are times I wonder how much good is in the world and I can clearly see how wonderful people around this area are. They have taken time from their busy days and committed to helping others. It has been absolutely amazing. I know God does everything for a reason and I can't help but think it may be related to this.

Continue to pray for Steve Dockery and his family while they recover from loosing their home. I also found out this week that our accountant at work's daughter, Allison, lost her home as well during the storm.

You may remember that I mentioned a prayer request a while back for Maddy's Mommy. She's one of my friends from high school and has started her college classes. I think she could use some prayers for strength to get in the groove of things. College classes can be difficult and combine that with being out of the habit of doing schoolwork and it can seem overwhelming. I have confidence that she's going to be just fine and succeed, but please pray for her while she tackles this awesome part of her life!

I have mentioned Tripp a time or two before on here. Please continue to pray for him and his sweet mommy.

My dear friend, Kristy, has been having some difficult health problems. She had breast cancer a few years ago. The medications she takes today to prevent cancer from returning are causing her to have severe female problems. The doctors are suggesting a possible hysterectomy. Kristy wants nothing more than to have a child of her own and have an uneventful pregnancy. Please pray that she can seek a second opinion and get better news!

I also have a friend that lost his nephew on Saturday. His nephew was 21 years old and my friend and his family could use prayers to get through this difficult time. Ask that the Lord comfort them while they greive this loss.


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