Sunday, May 29, 2011

Water Baby

Please excuse me for posting entirely too many pictures today, but I have to give amazing credit to my awesome camera and cute kid.....

Granny got Caleb and Zoey water tables. We set his up on Saturday and turned him loose....

Daddy showed Caleb how to make the wheels turn....

I just love this little face!
Daddy could hardly water my flowers!

These two had so much fun with that water hose!

We then decided that it was time to go out on our boat.

He was so excited!!!
Caleb hadn't been on a boat ride since he was about six months old.
This was his reaction to Daddy starting the engine:

It was so pitiful, but we couldn't help laughing!
As quickly as it started, it was over.
Once he realized everything was fine, he got excited again...

Picture time with Mommy....

Checking things out....

Silly Daddy

He loved it so much he fell asleep.
After riding for a bit, he couldn't hold his eyes open any longer!
Believe it or not, this kid gets pretty heavy after a while!
I don't get this opportunity much, so I grabbed at the chance!

We got the opportunity to see a gorgeous sunset....

God painted the skies last night with beautiful colors and the camera caught the moment perfectly.
Some little guy didn't like sharing Mommy's kisses....
Enjoy the rest of the weekend!!!!!!

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