Monday, June 13, 2011

Another Busy Weekend

On Friday Ryan and I got the opportunity to take four cuties out on the boat....

So excited for a boat ride! 
He looks like he's telling me something about her!
(Isn't it just the sweetest how he has his arm wrapped around her shoulder?!?!)
You can tell he's always watching out for her...

He has the sweetest expresssions!
And such pretty eyes...

I felt so bad that Caleb kept crawling up in Jenny's lap!
I just kept thinking, "She's going to think we only brought her to entertain our crazy child..."
Caleb loves Jenny and her family like crazy, there's no doubt!

We're definitely going to have to watch Caleb closely.
(like we don't....but still)
I stood him on the swim platform while Ryan was in the water.
I thought he would be content just splashing his feet....I was wrong.
When Ryan got closer, Caleb jumped off the back into his arms!
We honestly couldn't believe it! Just a couple of weeks ago we were worried that he hated the water and was going to be afraid. So wrong....

On Saturday we went to breakfast at a local diner.
There was a cute little girl sitting all the way across the place and my son spotted her.
He loudly yelled "Hi!" and waved like crazy! Thank heavens most people thought it was adorable...
I have my hands full!
Caleb got his third haricut also. This was long over due!
There's nothing Miss Trish can't do when she has an unlimited supply of lollipops!
Caleb wiggled a bit more than he did the last couple of times, but he did really well.

How cute is that?!?

We decided since Ryan would be working in the backyard quite a bit while clearing trees, putting up a fence, and assembling his new shed, we needed something to do too. We got a little pool for us to splash around in. Caleb just loves it! This was taken while filling it. When it's completely full, it comes up to his chest. This is also his first time wearing swimmy wings!

Nana and Pappy came over on Sunday evening to eat dinner with us. Ryan and Pappy cleared out more of the yard while Caleb and I swam. After yesterday, we were even more convinced that taking out most of the trees in the backyard was an awesome idea. Our neighbors had a tree in their backyard fall on their house. I'm so thankful we don't have to worry about that as much now. I'm really looking forward to getting some grass growing back there now!

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