Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fences Make Good Neighbors

Curious about what the Del Signores are up to???

Don't worry! You're not the only one....

Without further ado....let me show you:

I've spent A LOT of time here this week.
It's a busy week for us with the upcoming holiday...
I am obviously super proud of my clean desk!
It hasn't been an easy task of keeping it that way lately.

Happy girl!

Ryan has been setting some fence posts in our yard....
He attempted to stretch the fence by himself. wasn't working for him.
This evening my father-in-law and my daddy are both coming over as reinforcements!
We're totally kicking this project's butt.

Woo hoo!
Finally making progress!
Um, this is only a section of the fence. That's not all we've been getting excited about.
On both ends of the house we are making two fenced sections within the large fence.
Those pictures are of the first side section.
Our plan is to have a smaller area for the dogs to go in case we need the mow the backyard or what not.
We can contain them in a smaller area if need be.
On the other side, I have high hopes for a vegetable garden next year (I know! I laughed at that too).
That fenced off portion will not be accessible to kids or dogs....

This is my hubby before he gave up for the evening...

No...I have not been trying to help him do this.

We don't live in the type of neighborhood where everyone knows their neighbors. From time to time one raises a hand as you pass by. We're cool with that, but sometimes it'd be nice to know you're not living next door to a serial killer, right? We hardly see our neighbors, but this fence work has changed things. While Ryan has been erecting this fence, he's had opportunities to chat with the neighbors. Turns out that they're super nice and hate our neighborhood about as much as we do! At least we already have something in common. When we had tornadoes a couple of months ago, the news channels were advising people to get together with their neighbors and inform each other of your shelter plan. I laughed at the time because I didn't know my neighbors enough to just waltz over, knock on their door, and tell them I'd be freaking out under a bench in my husband's garage if things got bad. After talking with them the past couple of weeks, I think I could do that now. Even though I have complained about this project, I am really seeing good come from it already!

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