Sunday, June 5, 2011

For The Love of Boating

Brian, Tara, and Zoey came out to go boating with us this past weekend.
Somebody was ready to go!
Ryan and I have discovered that Caleb is the happiest little kid when he's on the boat.
All we have to do is mention the word "boat" and Caleb spazzes out. He says "boat" over and over and gets so excited. When we actually go out, he listens well and never minds when we tell him it's time to sit down. He sits in my lap and points at everything! He's just so content.

We rafted off together close to the Chickamauga Dam and it was beautiful!
Aunt Tara and Zoey shared Cheez Its with the ducks.

Ready to go swimming!
Let me tell you guys how amazing it is to share this with Ryan. I grew up on the water and we've worked at the marina for several years, but this is really the first summer we've gotten to enjoy it together.
It's so much fun to ride around talking and enjoying the beautiful waters we literally see every day from a totally different angle.
We had a little pizza thief!
He would climb up in the seat and sneak pizza when he thought we weren't looking.
At one point he had a piece in each hand....

Later on Mommy and Caleb decided to get in...

Caleb loved playing in the water!
Ryan and I were pretty worried because Caleb didn't take to the pool right away this year, but he has been slowly warming back up to it.
We booked our August family vacation to the beach this past week. We were so afraid he wouldn't like the ocean, but I don't think it's going to be a problem at all.
We got to celebrate Brian and Tara's new boat this week!
I have a feeling we're going to be out on our boats a lot this summer!

One super happy family!
When Tara and Brian got married, I also gained an amazing sister. I think we've found a great common bond between us all with this whole boating thing.
I am so blessed to get to spend so much time with my family. I realize a lot of people unfortunately don't live close to their parents or siblings. I cannot imagine going through life without mine.

I am so happy that Caleb and Ryan get to share this together....


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