Sunday, June 26, 2011

Friends and Family

My cousin, Travis, turned 40 on Saturday. Ryan, Caleb and I joined his family and friends for a surprise birthday party!

Look at his cake!
It was absolutely amazing...
Travis is huge into bass fishing so this was only appropriate!

Totally cute, right?

Caleb, Daddy and Aunt Debbie were checking out the decorations....

Caleb was all about the kisses on Saturday!

He had to kiss Aunt Debbie several times!

Showing Mommy all the fish stuff!

Caleb absolutely loves his cousin Anna!
They became quick buddies...
It was so sweet!
I have wanted these two to hang out together for so long. I can remember when Anna was Caleb's age.

Travis was so surprised at the turn out!

My Aunt Dianne wishing her son the happiest of birthdays!

Travis and his wife, Mitzi!

I love Caleb's face in this picture!

He's a huge chip eater!

Caleb loved these drinks! It was his first time trying them.

I just love him!

Ryan and Caleb disappeared for a while and this is how I found them!
They corralled the kids into the truck!
Smart guys!

Caleb hardly napped on Saturday so we were concerned that he would throw a fit. Praise the Lord he did great!!! There was no screaming or flopping around on the ground into front of actual people! I cannot begin to tell you how overjoyed I am!

Saturday night, our friends Crystal and Michael came over for dinner.
It's been a while since we've had a chance to get together, so this was really special.

Caleb just loves them!

He found someone he could be completely silly with!

And wild...did I mention wild???

I think he loves the attention!
He showed off his dancing skills for Crystal and we both got so tickled!

They're such a sweet couple and I'm so glad we got the opportunity to catch up!
I don't think Crystal and I stopped talking the entire time they were there.
Our guys probably thought we were nuts!
(Actually they already know that part...Ha!)


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