Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Living Room and Lunch Plans

Hello, my name is Wendy and I am just one half of the furniture moving-est couple in the world.

There I have admitted it....Isn't that the first step to recovery or something like that?!?

As I sit here in my living room and try to count how many arrangements we have made since moving in, I sorta loose track completely a little. I laugh every time one of us says, "You know what would look good there?" Seriously, we've moved our furniture around in the living room about 10 times now. It's easier than painting every time our tastes change!

On Saturday night, I told Ryan I was bored. His idea of a good time? Rearranging the whole living room. I've got to admit that makes him absolutely irresistable in my eyes! There's nothing like letting your big, strong honey move the couch clear across the living room for you. Ha!

As I type this, I realize I don't have pictures of every room configuration. That's the surprising part! Wanna see what it looks like? (If you don't, just click the "X" in the top right corner. I won't be offended! Just come back by tomorrow.)

The couch was in front of that window...

The TV was located to the right side corner beside the fireplace.

The chair was right in front of the half wall....
We like this layout really well because there isn't much Caleb can fall off and get hurt on.

Look what I got in the mail today!
One of Caleb's bento boxes came in as well as his veggie punches and silicone muffin cups.
This is my first attempt at a simple lunch design. I used a bear cookie cutter to make his peanut butter and apple butter sandwich. I surrounded it with star shaped cucumber pieces. In the silicone cups, I filled one with raisins, one with Craisins, and the other two with star shaped pieces of mozzarella cheese.

I can't wait for Caleb to discover this at lunch tomorrow!
I had a lot more fun coming up with this than I honestly thought I would. It really didn't take much time to put together, so you busy parents out there could totally pull this off!

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