Monday, June 6, 2011

Pappy's Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Pappy!
These two are best buddies!
Caleb has turned into quite the Pappy's Boy.....

Maybe it's because he's the one Caleb gets to climb all over like a little monkey...
Maybe it's because Pappy's the one he can act silly with....
Regardless, Caleb loves his Pappy!

Last night we celebrated Don's birthday with an awesome steak dinner.
Caleb was in a really loving mood when we left... I think he kissed his Nana and Pappy about five times a piece! He can smack his lips and it's hilarious. You never know if he's going to kiss you correctly or go in with a wide open mouth! Ha!
Lucky for Nana, she got a wide open kiss last night!
We also tried to get Caleb to say "happy birthday" last night...I think he attempted it, but it came out really cute....

1 comment:

  1. Aww...I'm sure Caleb brigthened his Pappy's birthday! I love the way your blog looks as well...super cute!



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