Sunday, July 31, 2011

Water Babies

We have a house full of water babies! On Saturday we spent the day at the pool and on the boat.

This child is wild!
He has learned to jump into the pool...

He thinks he's swimming!

Posing before jumping off the boat!

Our captain for the evening....

We Have a Home!

I have such wonderful news to share with all of you! Ryan and I have finally found our church home at Bayside Baptist! We have visited there for almost a year and recently felt God lead us to join. I have prayed for this day for so long. A couple of Sundays ago Ryan and I were eating lunch and discussing our small group topic. He admitted that he had been praying and finally felt like we needed to join! If you had told me this would be happening three years ago, I would have scoffed at the idea. It just goes to show you that God answers prayers in His own time. Looking back now, I can see how it was totally worth the wait and I wouldn't trade the road we have traveled together for anything. When you endure difficulties and have to wait for the things that are deep in your heart, you learn to appreciate them even more. I have never felt more blessed than to see my husband live the life that God wants for him. I am so very proud of him.

We were so blessed to join the church this morning while Ryan's children are both here for the summer. I believe it was something special we could all share in and celebrate today!

And that's not even the most exciting news I have to share with you all today....

My sweet husband and stepdaughter were baptized at the lake this evening!

Walking out to meet the pastor, Eric Stitts.

Madison got to be the first baptized.

And coming out....
She put her "God's Team" jersey on!

And then it was my sweet husband's turn!

Fully emersed....

What a special moment!

Coming out to meet us...
(Caleb was pointing and saying "Daddy, Daddy" the whole time!)

The group was then congratulated!

A very proud Nana, Pappy, and Caleb!
Ryan's mother has been waiting for this day for nearly thirty years!
Never stop praying!!!

Nana with her grandsons...

We enjoyed seeing our friends from our small group this evening!

I am so blessed to see these two get baptized together! It's something they will both remember and cherish for years to come. Such a special thing to share!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Show Us Your Life: Share Your Best Parenting Advice

Kelly's Korner topic today is sharing our best parenting advice...I feel like I am starting to get this whole parenting a toddler thing down just a bit! I do have some advice that works well for us. Every family and child is different so what works for us may not work for you at all. I think it's best to be flexible!

  • We make God the priority in our family. From experience, this is the key to everything. Ryan and I have tried to raise Caleb without relying on God and that idea failed miserably. When we turned our lives over to God and allowed Him to guide us, wonderful things began happening for our family. God strengthened our marriage and brought us closer together and gave us a better understanding of how to parent our child.
  • Ryan and I both believe strongly in raising children in an active church. We have been very blessed to find a church home for our family and Caleb loves it there. We really wanted a church close to us, one that worked with our schedule (they have an early Sunday morning service for those that work on Sundays), and one that has a great children's ministry.
  • Make home life stable for your child. When two parents are happy and in love, the child benefits greatly! If you and your spouse are not close and simply exist to raise children, you really aren't benefitting the kids that much. If you're fighting or there is tension in the home, kids will pick up on that! A healthy, happy marriage gives children an example and encourages them to grow into healthy, happy adults with great relationships!
  • Everything is not always picture perfect or blog worthy. Life is going to have ups and's all about how you as a parent handle it. There is a lesson to be learned in all parts of life and kids need to understand that life isn't always fair, happy, and easy.
  • Be willing to change! This is the most difficult thing I learned. I like a schedule and I like things done a certain way. With a child, you can pretty much throw both of those things out the window. Laugh it off and carry on!
  • Carry an extra change of clothes in each car...along with two extra diapers and wipes. You never know when you'll forget that dang diaper bag! (This is also a way to help you be more flexible!)
  • Give children many experiences and opportunites to do things early on. They learn so much and can take so much away with each thing they do.
  • Get them around other kids! They learn so many social skills from others!

I hope something gave you a little to think about! What works for you guys?

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Our Evening

So, maybe he's a little messy lately
Madison gave my new camera a try and she got a cute picture...

Tonight we worked on our artwork while waiting for Daddy to get home.
Madison and Bryce have been working hard on their masterpieces for the frog bathroom.

This sweetie was out of the way while he played in the sink.
He's content in the water no matter where it is!

Bryce was so very serious about making his canvas pretty...

She's the next Picasso!
Hers is totally freehand!

I have waited a while for the three of them to put their handprints on canvas for the bathroom...
Caleb actually cooperated!

After Daddy got home and we ate dinner, we went to the splash park again...

Caleb was crazy about it!

Then he had to show Daddy his mad climbing skills...

How sweet!
They all three sat still long enough to get a gorgeous picture!

And then Bryce and Caleb reassured us that the moment only lasted a second...

What Bryce does, Caleb copies....

Just a small reminder of how angelic they seemed before...

Looks can be deceiving with this one:

Caleb loves his big brother!
He follows him around and tries his best to fit in...

Pappy helped Caleb climb some more...

And Bryce posed for a good picture with the bridge in the background...

We all did a lot of chasing Caleb and redirecting him...

And more climbing...

When everyone was mostly tired and it was time to go home, someone small truly disagreed!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


  • Things are fairly random today...Hey, we've been pretty busy!
  • Yesterday I visited my mom and found out that one of our family cats is missing. We rescued her from the humane society several years ago and she has had a long life. This year has been tough on our kitty...She climbed under my dad's Jeep and shattered her front paw. She was in a cast for a while and seemed to be doing okay with it. Her little paw was never the same, but she has done very well with the recovery. We don't know if something got her since she couldn't run fast or if she went off to pass away. My mom is terribly sad...
  • Caleb's speech in the last week has just exploded! He has so much to say and has the expressions to go along with it! He has also fallen head over heels in love with the swimming pool. He takes his swimmy wings off and jumps around with big brother and sister.
  • I am one of the newest Pinterest addicts sweeping through the nation....Seriously addicted! You can find my pins located to the right of this page. The basic idea is that you can connect a picture with any web page you bookmark. If you're anything like me, you bookmark certain sites to go back to later and then totally forget why you did it in the first place. Pinterest allows you to group your favorite sites and ideas and organize them. You can also share them with others....So stinkin' fun! If you want an invite, just send me your email address!
  • I'm working with a couple of companies to do a new giveaway on the blog, so make sure you check back often!
  • Next week is beach week for the Del Signores so we'll be posting live beachside. I am so past ready for a vacation and have been looking forward to our trip for quite a while. My biggest fear right now is that it will either rain the whole time or Caleb will hate the beach. Ryan tells me part two is completely impossible....Guess we'll see in about a week!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend Recap

Life has been a lot like this over the weekend:
I think Caleb's getting pretty big....

On Saturday afternoon, we loaded into the car and headed towards Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.
These three are best friends!

Caleb loves having them around!
We visited the new Titanic exhibit....

We were all excited!

Bryce and Madison were fairly concerned that there was just 1/2 of a ship...

We then decided to eat dinner at Applewood...
This is most definitely my favorite place to eat in the Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg area.

We had a little bit of a wait, but it was completely worth it!

We got fritters with homemade applebutter....
Caleb had about two and a half....

On Sunday, the kids and I picked up Tara and Zoey...

Brian and Tara have started a cat farm at their house!
They originally had two cats that got pregnant and had a litter of kittens within a week of each other...
As you can imagine there are kitties everywhere!
Caleb is crazy about furry animals.

This kitten just so happened to tolerate him!

We went to Cooledge Park in downtown Chattanooga.
They have a large splash area to play around in. This was Zoey and Caleb's first time and they loved it!

It scares me how brave he is...

Madison posed for a quick picture!

They had such a good time playing together!

We came home and played in the pool until these two got tired.
I just love the look on Zoey's face!

He was worn out from his big weekend!
I think we all were...


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