Thursday, July 7, 2011

Decor Rambling

This is a fairly random post today. We've been slowly finishing up some projects around the house (don't I say that a lot?)....We're eagerly anticipating a long visit with my stepkids starting next week. This will be the longest we've all been together as a family and we are beyond excited! I can't wait for them to see's been since Christmas. The saddest part is that when they leave in August, we won't get to see them again until next July. We've got a lot of stuff to catch up on!

Ryan's shed is almost finished. Last night my dad came over to help him install the roof. It's looking great! I know my hubby will be so happy to have more space in his garage/man cave! I think he has an obsession with collecting every tool known to man. Now those forty-seven million tools can be locked away in a shed, nice and tidy!

I spent last Saturday doing some decorating to our new family room/scrapbook room. It's slowly coming along and I am really loving it. I found an interesting blog tutorial about painting laminate furniture and I think I am going to give it a try. This is what Heather at DIY Kinda Girl did:

Very pretty, right? I think I have the perfect piece of furniture to do this to. I'm really excited about it!
It may have to wait until after my stepkids leave...I know it'll take a while to do and I certainly don't want to have it in the way.

Speaking of the downstairs....I have the best way to clean the hardwood floors:

My little Bissell steam cleaner gets the job done! It has a floor attachment that works really well. I absolutely hate the streaks or film that's left on a hardwood floor after regular mopping. It just never "looks" clean enough. This little thing takes care of that. I've also found that it works wonders on tile and laminate too. It's worth every penny!

I have a project this weekend that involves something new to me:

This will be my first attempt at using it and I am so excited!

By nature I am soooo not crafty. For some reason my mother's crafty ideas just seemed to skip right over me. I'm definitely not the person that can look at an ordinary object and imagine it transformed. Growing up she tried to teach me to sew....yeah I skipped right over that concept. I have the basic understanding or how to sew and knit, but I don't think I've ever sewed a button on anything. My whole inner housewife side is completely ashamed to admit this to the world.
I fall in love with blogs that deal with craft projects and transformations. They alone are the only inspiration I have. I am not ashamed to admit that I totally borrow other people's awesome ideas when it comes to projects! The Lord blessed me with the gift of gab...not the gift of arts and crafts!
I do have something holding me back:
I am afraid (for some reason) to paint over something original.
People do it ALL THE TIME! And it looks fabulous!
 I really have to work my way up to it.
If someone gave me something and I no longer use it because it doesn't match what I've got going on currently, why do I have a problem doing something to make it useable???

Regardless, I am in love with some of the projects I'm seeing out there. People are so creative!

For some reason I am craving zebra print... I know, right?

Seriously...I need to use it somewhere...

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  1. I love the painting make over! Good luck! I wish I was crafty myself but it just doesn't come easy for me! Enjoy the rest of your summer with the step kiddos!



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