Friday, July 1, 2011

Houdini Dog

Last night we got together with Ryan's parents and my dad for dinner and fencing. I made beef stroganoff and blackberry cobbler for dinner.

Yesterday morning, I put stew meat, a large can of cream of mushroom soup, two large cans of mushrooms, and Lipton onion soup mix in the crockpot to simmer until we got home. Caleb and I got home first so we cooked our noodles and had everything ready for dinner.

After dinner, we decided to step out on the porch to watch the guys put up part of the fence. Caleb is nuts about his water table, so we let him play around for a bit.
These boys know how to get it done!

Poor Nana got splashed pretty bad!

Someone just didn't care...

I got him a little frog chair this week.
It's just too cute and he loves it!

After our parents went home, Ryan came in bragging to me...

Ryan: "We have a fence with a dog in it! We have a dog in a fence! Come look!!!"
Me: "Um, don't...."
Ryan: "WHAT?!?!"
Here's the fence. Where's the dog?

Yep, she actually jumped over the shorter gate towards the back.
We decided since this was only a small section within the whole fenced in part (eventually) that we would just use a shorter gate in the back. Houdini dog jumped it....
Ryan had to track her down and rig a little more fence up until we can finish the rest of the back yard.

Houdini Dog
Obviously proud of breaking out....

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