Wednesday, July 27, 2011


  • Things are fairly random today...Hey, we've been pretty busy!
  • Yesterday I visited my mom and found out that one of our family cats is missing. We rescued her from the humane society several years ago and she has had a long life. This year has been tough on our kitty...She climbed under my dad's Jeep and shattered her front paw. She was in a cast for a while and seemed to be doing okay with it. Her little paw was never the same, but she has done very well with the recovery. We don't know if something got her since she couldn't run fast or if she went off to pass away. My mom is terribly sad...
  • Caleb's speech in the last week has just exploded! He has so much to say and has the expressions to go along with it! He has also fallen head over heels in love with the swimming pool. He takes his swimmy wings off and jumps around with big brother and sister.
  • I am one of the newest Pinterest addicts sweeping through the nation....Seriously addicted! You can find my pins located to the right of this page. The basic idea is that you can connect a picture with any web page you bookmark. If you're anything like me, you bookmark certain sites to go back to later and then totally forget why you did it in the first place. Pinterest allows you to group your favorite sites and ideas and organize them. You can also share them with others....So stinkin' fun! If you want an invite, just send me your email address!
  • I'm working with a couple of companies to do a new giveaway on the blog, so make sure you check back often!
  • Next week is beach week for the Del Signores so we'll be posting live beachside. I am so past ready for a vacation and have been looking forward to our trip for quite a while. My biggest fear right now is that it will either rain the whole time or Caleb will hate the beach. Ryan tells me part two is completely impossible....Guess we'll see in about a week!

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  1. i'm so excited for you guys going to the beach! I will def be keeping a look out for pics of Caleb's first beach trip:) I don't think Caleb will "hate" the beach, but he might be a little unsure of it at first. With his big brother and sister going, however, he might just dive right on in and love it right off the bat!



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