Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Southern Belle Dinner Cruise

Ryan and I joined the Chattanooga Mariner's Association for a night out on the Southern Belle riverboat!

Look how pretty!

Mom and Dad came...
We had a great dinner with our friends!

Ronnie and Melanie

David and Judy
My hubby enjoyed the cruise down the river!

The captain let us come up to the wheel house and see how the 137 foot boat is driven...

Hubby got a chance to take over for a few minutes!

Blake and Dad stood back and watched..

Then I was given a chance!
This is by far the largest boat I have operated!
I actually did well....

Dad certainly couldn't miss the opportunity...

Blake, Ryan and I got a tour of the engine room....

It was soooo hot! 120 degrees!

Ryan was amazed at the size of the shaft!

What a beautiful evening!!!

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