Monday, August 29, 2011

Goodbye, Diaper Bag...

Yes, that's right. Caleb has officially kicked the diaper bag to the curb! Since Caleb started his new two year old class at church, I wanted him to have a little something special. He has done so well in there and really loves feeling like a big boy.

Last night, I started a women's Bible study about Jonah and Caleb hung out with his friends. I surprised him with this:

It's the perfect size!

Seriously cute!

I know what's next on our list of things to find....Look how precious the matching lunch box is:

Skip Hop makes the bag and they have a line of cute animal shaped bags. The zippers are little bee hives and the inside has a place for his name.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Party at the Lake

I hope all of you are having an awesome weekend! Ryan, Caleb and I got a chance to spend some time together on Saturday. Caleb played to his heart's content all day and crashed hard Saturday night! Our fabulous small group had their first get together yesterday at the lake.

Caleb was ready to go visit all of our friends!

He even promised to act right...

It's a good thing that Daddy remembered to bring his tricycle. 

Caleb didn't sit still for a moment....

Everyone came out to have fun!

Caleb kept us on our toes all evening, so I didn't get a ton of pictures...

The kids had a blast drawing with chalk, blowing bubbles, feeding the ducks, and sliding. 

When Caleb got tired, he pitched some fairly good fits...
So much for keeping his promise! Ha!

Ryan and I have been blessed with a church small group that is so supportive, caring, and genuine. 
We are so fortunate that Caleb will grow up having such sweet friends. 

Power of Prayer Sunday 8/28

Before I tell you about our weekend, please take a moment to pray for my dear, sweet friend, Crystal. I have mentioned her a few times here and we have all prayed for her grandmother's health the past several months. Crystal let me know her granny went to be with the Lord on Friday. Please pray for Crystal's family as they say goodbye to their loved one today.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Show Us Your Life: Baby Showers

I didn't blog before Caleb was born, so I am excited to show you my baby shower today with Kelly's Korner...

The cake Debbie made for my baby shower
My Aunt Debbie made my cake. Everything was boat themed for my future boat captain!
(Sorry the pics are small. You can click to enlarge them!)

The snack area
The refreshment table...

The diaper cake my mom made for me and Caleb...

Caleb was very blessed and got an insane amount of gifts...
I remember being embarrassed that I just kept on and on opening gifts...

A blanket Mom made for Caleb
This is still Caleb's favorite blanket...

The dessert area
Dessert Table

When invitations were sent out, we included two index cards....
One was Advice for Mom and the other was A Note to Caleb.
I cherish these and still look at them from time to time.
I bawled my eyes out over a couple of sweet ones....very precious to me. 

This is the fall out from the baby shower! We took everything out of bags and it looked like a tornado hit!
When we came home and began putting things away, this is what our living room looked like.
Tornado seriously moved through....

This is what his closet looks like for now. We have even more clothes to hang up!
And here's what his closet looked like when we got done!

My shower was up in the air until the hour before....
Caleb caused me some serious health issues during the last trimester. 
I had looked forward to my shower since we first started planning to have a baby and it almost didn't happen!
The day before I took a very unexpected trip and overnight stay in the hospital. I begged my doctors to just release me in time to go to my shower....I was so lucky it happened! 
I looked exhausted and swollen, but I made it!

It was all worth it!
This is what that whole day was about:

We meet at last!

I Have My Orange and White

If you live in or around Tennessee, you may have heard this week that our beloved girls basketball coach at UT, Pat Summitt,  has announced her early dementia diagnosis. Our news and social media centers have designated an official wear orange day today to show support for the very talented Pat Summitt. Ryan, Caleb and I wanted to show our support and wore our orange and white today...

We're all so sad for her news...

But we're here to pray for her...

 Even if you're not a Volunteer fan, get some orange on to support an awesome woman while she battles a devastating disease. 

The Vol fans may be super passionate about their sports teams, but we pull together even more for our people. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Help

Last night my sweet momma took me out for Mother-Daughter night. We haven't done this in forever, so it was really special! Ryan watched Caleb last night so we could go see The Help.
Image courtesy of Kathryn Stockett

We both really enjoyed it. 
If you want a heartwarming story....this is the one to see. 
(I only teared up once or twice...)

I mostly just enjoyed spending time with Mom. I feel like the last couple of months have been so packed for us lately that we haven't had an opportunity to just be with each other. We always have so much to talk about, even if we happen to talk to each other three times once a day! 

This morning, Ryan and Caleb left me at the house so we could switch cable and internet providers. 
We have been long time Comcast Cable customers, but have recently made the switch to EPB fiber optic.
We actually get more channels and pay quite a bit less.... Lovin' it so far!
It took about three hours to install, but it was well worth the wait!
I had plenty of time to deep clean around the house without Ryan and Caleb hanging around...
I finally got every piece of laundry cleaned, folded, and put away...
 I made Ryan one of his favorite lunches...
I planned out my dinner for tonight and got everything all set out...
I could totally pull the stay at home mom thing off....

So tonight I get to spend lots of time with my two favorite guys!
Caleb and I have some serious playing time to make up for since I missed last night. 

I'm looking forward to life slowing down for us a bit now. 
For Heaven's sake, I just want my house to stay clean for a day or so.... Ha!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Weekend Recap

I feel like August has just not been my month for blogging. Life is slowly returning to "normal" and I am trying to catch up. This past weekend we spent time resting at the house and doing a few little projects.

On Sunday, Caleb got promoted from the nursery to the two year old class. I was on the verge of tears walking into church because it just doesn't seem like it's time to do that. My baby's birthday is only two and a half months away. The fact that the two year old class looks like a Kindergarten classroom didn't help much either....

Caleb held my hand and walked right into his new class, turned loose, and didn't look back!

When I picked him up after church, he had planted his first seed in a cup and colored a picture. I got all teary eyed again because he actually made something! Ha! His teacher asked him to tell Mommy who made the trees and he said, "G...." It was so sweet! He tried his best to say "God" and my heart was just filled with joy!

Caleb is growing in leap and bounds lately. It's amazing to watch him right now!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Can I Get Some Help?

I just joined Picket Fence Blogs and would love to get some votes to bring my blog to the top of their list. If you don't mind when you stop by click on the button to the left of this blog? I would really appreciate it!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Memories Giveaway: Free Digital Scrapbooking Software

I have something very special to share with all of you today! Liz Gardner at My Memories has asked me to host a giveaway. My Memories is giving away their actual scrapbook software to one of my lucky readers! If you want a chance to win, here's a few ways to enter:

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If you do any or all of these, let me know in the comment section below! Each one counts as an entry, so you have six ways to win! Just let me know in the comment section!

My Memories Suite is simply amazing! I have tried it out and used it to create various digital scrapbook pages. If you've been around much, you know how much I love to change my blog banner. In the past it took me a lot of time, now it takes half the time. To say I absolutely love and adore it would be a complete understatement!

Liz is going to sweeten the deal for all of us...

"And as a special for ALL of your readers, we give you your very own coupon code (STMMMS38332) that provides a $10 discount off the purchase of the My Memories Suite Scrapbook software and a $10 coupon for the store - $20 value!"

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You do NOT have to buy the software to grab the $10 code for the scrap packs. You can also use their scrap packs in your own editting software.

Want to learn more about the software you can win?

"My Memories Suite, the #1-rated scrapbooking software, just got better... much better:

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I Simply Couldn't Help Myself...

After last night, I am fairly sure that my personal form of Heaven consists of at least one Ulta store. We've had one in Chattanooga for quite a while, but I had never been. (Don't judge! I've been in the middle of raising a kid and renovating the house...busy!) Tara and I decided that we had to go check it out last night. Upon walking in, I found myself experiencing complete and utter joy. I heard angels singing in the background....well, maybe it was a great country song....but really was that amazing...

Aisles upon aisles of every beauty product imaginable. Seriously, who could resist??? Not Tara....most definitely not me. Wouldn't you know that they had a special free gift right when you walk through the front doors??? I think my heart skipped a beat....Who could refuse a great deal? Yeah, not me...again...I just couldn't help myself.

So, buy something for $17.50....Check!
I got the eyeshadow (Good Girl) and the blush (Flush).

Got a cute little makeup bag....
Filled with all of this:

Eight eyeshadow colors, one blush, one lipstick, two lip gloss colors, two lip liners, two eye liners, mascara, and three brushes.
A $75.00 Value...Double Check!

I got $93.00 worth for $18.00... Yes, I can totally see the beauty in that!

Tara and I stood around debating over whether or not to color our hair.
Zoey was more than content checking out everything and Caleb was chillin' in his stroller (hey, I'm not insane...that boy was strapped in long before entering the store....he would have had a great time ripping 47 million things off the shelves).
I finally decided on Roasted Chestnut.

Tara went with a pretty blond color and we couldn't wait to rush home like high school girls and color our hair. I don't think I've put anything on my hair in about 2 years. I have to admit that I absolutely love it. I think it's a great change for me before going into Fall.

Hubby was more than happy to check out his wife! Score!
What a way to get his attention! Ha!


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