Sunday, August 7, 2011

Family Vacation

As I begin my 400th blog post (I do have a lot to say...,  I honestly don't know where to start. Ryan, the kids and I have been to Florida and back....then to a local amusement a matter of four days....)

We stayed at the Summerhouse in one of their gorgeous condos. These are privately owned and decorated. We by far had the nicest place there. It was the bottom unit and the majority of the walls were windows!

I know this was vacation, but breakfast and lunch went so much smoother since we could just fix something and head right to the beach. This condo also had a washer and dryer so I was able to pack light for all of us and wash as we went. I'm one of those people who hates sand all over my stuff each day, so washing the towels really helped. The final night, I washed up all of our stuff and didn't have to worry about it when we came home this evening!

This was our room.... Amazing, right?!?!?!
We had two floor-to-ceiling windows in the room.
This is what Ryan and I woke up to each morning:

No better way to start your day!

The living room area....

The kids' room.
The balcony wrapped completely around all of the rooms and was accessible by multiple sliding doors.

Some people were so excited and couldn't wait to head out!

I had been waiting for this moment since I was pregnant with Caleb at Virginia Beach two years ago.
I couldn't wait for the day to take him to one of my favorite places...

What a happy day for us!
All three of our kiddos went to the beach together for the first time.

The view from our balcony!
We got to just walk out onto the beach!

One proud Mommy!

Caleb kept saying "Oooh! Oooh!"

Then it was "GO!!!!!!!!!!"

He loved the sand and water!
He was so brave that we had people stopping us on the beach to ask how we got him to like it!
By the end of the trip he was jumping in the waves...

At night, Daddy took everyone crab hunting on the beach!

I thought it was so sweet how Caleb jumped right in!

Then it was all about throwing sand back into the ocean...

On the last night, we took the kids to ride their first go-karts. Before we let them loose, we took a moment to ride the train with Caleb. He freaked out riding alone, so they let me on too. He was laid back after that!

Daddy and Bryce took off on the go-karts and then Madison and I took a turn.

We honestly had the best time and loved every bit of it!
I was concerned about Caleb hating the beach and being horrible during the drive, but both went amazingly well.

This morning as Daddy drove us home, these two snuggled up for some rest.
( I feel this way now....the rest will come later!)

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