Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Final Week

I'm just now able to write about our last week with my stepchildren. Ryan and I are missing them terribly....and I won't even mention a certain toddler who keeps calling for "Bubba" and "Sissy".

But, we won't think about that today.....
We took all of the kids to Chuck E. Cheese one evening for dinner.
Caleb is now absolutely terrified of that mouse!
He saw him from across the restaurant and practically climbed on my head to get away....

He wanted to play with the "big kids"!

He seriously couldn't sit still long enough to do anything...

We had to run around checking EVERYTHING out!

Sissy tried to show him how things worked.

And Daddy finally had to help out!

We went out on the boat some...Pizza is the easiest boat food around!

And I really like this shot!

These four enjoyed watching movies together.
We saw Tangled and Rio while they were here. They're both really cute.

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