Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Help

Last night my sweet momma took me out for Mother-Daughter night. We haven't done this in forever, so it was really special! Ryan watched Caleb last night so we could go see The Help.
Image courtesy of Kathryn Stockett

We both really enjoyed it. 
If you want a heartwarming story....this is the one to see. 
(I only teared up once or twice...)

I mostly just enjoyed spending time with Mom. I feel like the last couple of months have been so packed for us lately that we haven't had an opportunity to just be with each other. We always have so much to talk about, even if we happen to talk to each other three times once a day! 

This morning, Ryan and Caleb left me at the house so we could switch cable and internet providers. 
We have been long time Comcast Cable customers, but have recently made the switch to EPB fiber optic.
We actually get more channels and pay quite a bit less.... Lovin' it so far!
It took about three hours to install, but it was well worth the wait!
I had plenty of time to deep clean around the house without Ryan and Caleb hanging around...
I finally got every piece of laundry cleaned, folded, and put away...
 I made Ryan one of his favorite lunches...
I planned out my dinner for tonight and got everything all set out...
I could totally pull the stay at home mom thing off....

So tonight I get to spend lots of time with my two favorite guys!
Caleb and I have some serious playing time to make up for since I missed last night. 

I'm looking forward to life slowing down for us a bit now. 
For Heaven's sake, I just want my house to stay clean for a day or so.... Ha!

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